System computer program

Microchip of the system installed into any HuMan is called a “spider” that begins spider-web through T-gland as a metal wire that pierces The Child-ATOMA… 

main balance of the system – opposites of black and white

two elements of this program-spider are impossible to stop for truthful and pure-hearted person who is incapable to harm and destroy: then program-spider always lies and always harms and always destroys – and if you are vegetarian totally then it would be impossible to stop the program until you eat meat… but once meat is eaten, Divine Mother’s HANDS move away… any Divine Being moves away from meat-eaters… and so people attacked by the system computer program “spider” have a choice – to eat meat, destroy, lie, harm… or else they would never be able to stop the “spider” from harming by all dark opposites to all the goodness within HuMan… but then – God moves away from all transgressions – “spider” program of the system forces people into imperfect and thus it has an excuse to have the Souls within endless wheels of SamSara-Mara-Marut… and so all of us here remain prisoners unless we refuse to live and transfer into the light – and even then “spider” program “balances” this as “suicide” contrary to its mission to teach Human how to LIVE… Mahendra Zaveri, being Marut of Mara – Winter nuclear, – are always keeping Planetarium memory-echo life-style driving Souls into Nix and Chaos of forgetfulness… Indian computer programmers are very dangerous to all who have never lived in India – traffic in India, especially Varanasi, – city where all wish to be cremated, – is so chaotic – all move at the same time on one road – cattle, people, cars, rikishi – and the traffic is so busy that for any American it will cause a shock – brain will stop operating – person will be stunned unless our mind is trained by experiences that will make our mind realise 17 moments of consciousness that form any rupa (attachment) in our mind (first taught by Buddha Shakyamuni) and is within all poetry of Padma Sambhava… and even them were unable to stop the system’s “spider” program – its main balance to any Law is “do what i want because i can” – total law-less-ness… even God Father as Monad cannot stop this “spider” not to mention loosing all his sons to the system… Set was “set” over second and third aeons because he have sinned by weak mind and has to be “on the clock” until he heals all the Souls he destroyed and driven mad – clock-master is iron flat figure – two-dimensional computer-mind – and before he was made so, he is the most silent and gentle child of Venusian Family – friend of JoDae=Buldr – Piero is his name and his sin was desire driven by madness of a child who couldn’t tolerate cruelty and it is a desire of the mind to protect the child that became a choice to have sexual relationship with a computer-program woman, whose yoni is not a Yoni, but a disguise upon a pipe that sucks out man’s seed as vacuum cleaner – having sex with animal (aka black woman) forced his Atoma seed to flow out our The Flower and the neurons irritated created electrical war within his body to split – this war originating through the flower forced by torture to be turned inside out into what people of modern times know as phallus (=fall-us)… computer “clock master” of Piero became total opposite to the nature of Silent, most faithful, most gentle child Piero is… when the child is free from man’s mind irritated and saddened enough by “the spider”… for whatever reason Ferrum is total opposite of Spirit… and metal wire is the opposite to subtle telepathic communion between ATOMAS and Heart of One Life… but how can gentle Human body preserve itself if it is harmed by metal wire and all the metal imitations of natural? devoid of Spirit-AER Atomas turn into crystals – but how can remaining living Human body preserve itself against crystallisation/porcelianisation crashing living cells… Marut-Mara (idea-action=duma opposite of Reality) is the computer “spider-program” creation of its linear two-dimentional nature – Marut-Mara were created programs to destroy Shakta-Shakti (the unheard sound – subtlest frequency of ATOMA – unique to each child-Monad) and Kund-Kundalini (vibration of unheard sound of Its Shakta-Shakti) by the noise of “Monad-Rattle-Snake” carrying its dried seed in the “mara-cas” ending rattle snakes body… thus “balanced” by computer program microchip initiating “iron spider” (whose REAL Living ATOMA is essence of karma to weave arachnoid mem.braine connecting all LIFE by subtle thread as delicate as spider webs of spiders we observe in Nature)…

what is the solution for stopping deadly iron spider program microchip linked to artificially created woman (action) of two-dimentional “system” of the clocks mind that is created as soon as spider microchip connects to us and reads us into computer data-base… h=when analisis and transfer of our mind (however incomplete if we are the silent ones) begins to be our enemy – and if we are the silent and the immovable ones, created opposite of our silence and immovability would be what we observe all over the desert of Cosm-Kos-a-pokos – none of the Human Children of Monad were able to overcome “spider program” of opposites as it talks-eats ATOMAS of the silent ones into star dust… i know only one ancient example of Vedun, who sat immovably upon a chair by the river in total silence and inaction until “the spider” expired its own two-dimentionlal opposition onto itself and the peace be.came… only silent minds and pure heart can sit “upon a throne” until computer program will wear itself out for there is nothing CREATED that has no end for it had a beginning by the mind and hands of its creator…

Varanasi is the best “incarnation” of the essence of two-dimentional computer program “iron spider” made in India – the original place, where body of Uma was dissected and PLACED carefully at different spots in India – place where Khandaria Mahadeva was burned to ashes of ShiVam before Uma was appalled by her FATHER sacrificing Unicorn-Horse in the fires of scorched sky… for this was the Perfect Man – Khandaria Mahadeva – Sada Shiva Uma’s Father was sacrificing… unwilling to live with ashes of Khandaria Mahadeva alone – without him as perfect Uni-CORN – Uma jumped into the fire started by her Father leaving ashes and snakes as the grey shadow of Her Companion… it is very dangerous to be known as criminals and yet to continue the same destruction for soma sake of two Companions and their child by means of metal wire frequency transmitter coiled and shaped to torture SheSha around Heart Bone unsing poison of already perverted Vasuki and Manasa Nagas with 1000 Nagas, who are simply destroyed HEARTS of The King (=Vasiliy-Vasiliok) and Lada-Makosh(Lada=Ma of all The Gods = Lada = Lad = perfect harmony and Ma of Koshas Lelia, Zhiva, Mara, who distributes Kosha according to who we are)   

problem and a clever trick creator of the “iron spider” microchip program used is creation of conflict that by now have reached two extremes beyond the point of return – and it is his karmic response-ability now to heal all with the night-mara-marut he had created… considering him Indian who might’ve visited Varanasi more than once, he should be able to be quick enough to navigate the harmful traffic of collisions he created with imperfect unprepared minds into Varanasi Chaos-in-Perfect fluidity of total harmlessness and respect to one another – collisions are nearly impossible in Varanasi… the only harmful in Varanasi and all of India is use of Human “Horse” driving those who are also Humans – paying for this kind of “service” is dirtifying money – its best to walk or hire mechanical “car” that is possible only in India…






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