Human and our “Shadow” Twin Human

Abeer Seikaly, Woven Shelters, refugee housing, solar powered refugee shelters, nomadic dwellings, Kuwaiti design, humanitarian aid, social design, humanitarian design

Collapsible woven refugee shelters powered by the sun – See more at:

look what The System of the few does to many here: 40 000 000 people without homes have to shelter – have to find ways to live…
it is said that only 2% of people on Earth are alive – it is known to me by Saturn alignment to Miranda (shown in Serenity as planet with ~98% porcelienated people and 2 % are cannibals and murderers on the ships – if you watch opening scene there is radiation molecule spinning on desert mountain and there is a structure on the bottom between desert mountains – remembering this place from past life this is how Saturn found that this place is on Miranda – The Structure and The System come from there: one to heal – another FEED… The Structure is Weather God imprisoned… And here lives his Companion Goddess – Nature… Separation of Earth and Miranda by nuclear explosion caused our current conditions of healing and then being ripped off… The system of feeders is only 2% – and there are only 2% of healthy Humans here… the feeders possess technology and ships… Humans are NATURAL… i wonder if peace can ever be reached between shadow and man – it seems to me that there are only few out of 2% on both sides who are willing to heal together – to heal the gap while the rest of Miranda’s murderers and cannibals are still very rejected by “beautiful enlightened” twins on Earth… and such arrogance causes them to become their shadow persona instead of cancelling “the gap” by Loving reunion… there is one woman – only one woman here on Earth, who rejects her past and her shadow – the one who created Big Bang – hiding from herself, she would rather be her shadow darkness than ever accepts with her mind that she OWES HER SOUL healing and forgiveness… minds of Humans are weak…

Image  0:45 min – very short scene – without any connection to a content of the rest of the film – just The Structure on Miranda – twin Structure to our local Babylon… it will take so much GOOD WILL and LOVE and FORGIVENESS and HELPING each other for Humans to heal so that multiple split Earth around The Structure (that is now divided in two) will finally be HERSELF… so important to heal multiplicity of Big Bang into Oneness but how many are willing to REALLY be Aesclepius The Healer instead of habitual robbery and cannibalism on healthy ones…  the gap is so millions of light years with total forgetfulness “zone” was already helped to remember all ATOMAS lost in Nix… if each Planet and Star and Constellation and Galaxy are just destroyed Humans fallen on Earth and mixed with his/her body… HERE – on this Earth… we must be ourselves instead of this “systematic” bloody mary time to go around…

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