Do not covet thine neighbor’s wife

The safest place of ATOMA is within the body of Human Child, within the body of Elf, within the body of A Flower, within the body of Water, within – not without in the elemental aeon flux…

Monad… Barbelo… Pronoia… Enoia… Epinoia… Xristos…

Sophia Epinoia that created without HER companion… Yaltabaoth…

there is more than one MONAD… there is more than one FatherMother of Human Child… many…

Do not covet thine neighbor’s husband

Do not covet thine neighbor’s wife

do not covet thine neighbor’s body

do not covet thine neighbor’s health

Monad with no one above it and Barbelo – AEROS… One and only sun… Perfect man… Perfect man – neither male nor female – Perfect Man – Perfect Human Child…

and one of Perfect Human Children became a scientist and had an accident – jumping games… and then there was created by someone desiring wife or husband of another CERN, nuclear, thermonuclear, atomic bombs and other clocks to murder husband or wife of another to have either half to themselves… love they call it… and so Epinoia Sophia of Monad, who created split of Atoma – out of love she created jumping games – scientific games of the mind Epinoia is the initiator of…  and so she looked at the “child” and saw the longest snake with lion’s head… and the tail of a snake is a tail of nuclear comet – and the head of the child is exploding MONAD… and so the cosmos of stars was created out of perfect Human Family… One Universe damaged – others affected… until there was no more water… and this is when the coveting for the neighbor’s wife or husband began…

… and mine Family is harmed by bad neighbor who wanted my Companion only because she was harmed by her husband, who locked her into “mechanical universe” because she was a prostitute… but this is the original “no exit” – she wanted mine Companion because she was harmed by Sophia Epinoia Atomic Yaltabaoth given to her by a man, who pretended to want her as a wife only because his own state of health was split and devoid of water… mind games of epinoias Sophias of the harmed and empty ones against the last Healthy Family is total insanity… aren’t you confused just yet by all this above writing? i hate to feel the way i feel about all i wrote above – confusion and chaos…

SIMPLICITY ~ Marcus Aurelius


insanity can be cured only if all unhealthy ones will let the healthy ones BE to begin heal the Water of Life while we are still a little bit in our bodies – perhaps the flux they created by the insanity of desire to “heal” – to find cure by scientific ways of experiment – must be finally admitted as a mistake… it is a mistake to keep every Human on the clock… especially the healthy ones who made Human Body specifically to heal from original Big Bang… but NO! Here comes amnesiac-bad-neighbor with only one memory left from the past – a desire to have me as his – and her to have my companion as her… and her father – so grey of artificially produced ATOMA – so used to being God by technological tools of very bad voodoo that disrespects even Black Madonna murdering her…

Black Madonna (Black Barbelo/Monad) Union within a Human Child is the command to STOP ALL ROTATION – TO STOP ALL BLACK HOLES – TO STOP ALL SPLITS OF ATOMA… and this not only disregarded by an adult who holds the child prisoner of his mind… this made to go through – total murder of all children except the Child this adult possesses by lies – The Child knows that this adult is lying that he has a cure and yet the child cannot stop this adult’s mind from murdering other children and human women and men, who KNOW the cure…

what a desire to HARM completely – to destroy all creation of all Monads… only because his madness is so great from all evil he already committed by murder, that his only Epinoia Sophia is Pistis = to divide and control!

hair-style of the original black “spider-woman”, who created big bang and nuclear winter because she wanted my Companion:


other women with same hairstyles



Once i dreamed of Sanata Kumara standing on the beach of what seems to me now Swan Island asking a Man seated by the window to come out and take a swim into the ocean to find his lost gold… He did – there were many sharks, but he was able to find and recollect his trunk of gold coins from the bottom of the sea… no such luck in this life-time for us… too many want to steal BLACK PEARL of Black Madonna (aka Black Sun) who keeps “the game” of jumping and “inception” going on… because they keep collective mind of two-leggeds in madness and forgetfulness…



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