Holographic machine, Marcus Aurelius and GPax23

Holographic machine that makes holograms out of Living Human Children is “Miranda” death seal for The Heart and body of The Living Monad as it records journey of Monad (aka God) “back home” – from Living Human to Higgs Bosom… and one hologram controlled by prodigious son controlling holographic “anarchy” ever since Atlantis… writing new stories into incepting Monad Atoma… this is the last warning to Maria Celeste Garcia – the chosen HELPER-hologram of Mahendra Zaveri (from India) – prodigious son who murdered his Father… for bloody games in The Coliseum… ~Marcus Aurelius (who became his own “general” Maximus to stop the criminal ~Inna Maria, born April 26th – reincarnation of The Soul of Marcus Aurelius)


Marcus Aurelius



notice how Father and Son look almost like twins… death seal of Father and Son is connection of The Child to The Heart – program of Orion “Coliseum” (sand clock) operated by the mind of a murderess (Alpha Draconian-Human hybrid) – daughter of the main holographic and computer controller of the system of games known as “german woman” – makes either Father’s Heart muscle to murder Child or Child’s Heart muscle (destroyed to Child’s Light or being connected to mechanical chain of the clock tower) to murder Father’s and Mother’s Heart muscles and Monads… to suffocate WILL of The Father by 10 AEONS – 10 fingers of The Son… to keep bloody sand clock games going in the system of artificial time and division of One Monad into many…

notice in video ~~~~~ on Commodus dress… compare to Christopher Nolan’s code left to his dead wife in destroyed world in “Inception”… wife who said: “you have infected my mind with death”…

Miranda death seal is “writing new stories” as “God” documents “his journey back home”… from LIVING to holographic figures of the essence of the Child, whose holographic portraits are the outer porcelain shell… glassified ATOMA of any molecule is very real:

Image Image

G23Pax or Better known as G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate or “Pax” (Latin for “Peace”) was a chemical compound added to the air processors in order to pacify the populace, by the Union of Allied Planets. An Alliance research team on Miranda discovered that the Pax was effective with 99.9% of people. It was such an effective means of pacifying that the people stopped doing anything, they simply waited for death. However, a thousandth of a percent of the population had the opposite reaction. They became highly aggressive, committing unspeakable acts including cannibalism, rape and self-mutilation. These people would come to be known as Reavers.



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