In Greek the meaning of the name Merope is: Foster mother of Oedipus.

Merope – daughter of Pleione and Atlas. Pleione – daughter of Tethys and Okeanus…

Poseidon is known as god CREATED to transport ANTS from Kiev to Americas… he holds a tri-D-ant  where D=tooth – 3 tooths… 3 dogs turned into women… 3 women turned into dogs…

Orth cloud is holding ice and all of us within his ice egg… when Orth is finally free to be alive instead of bombarding Earth’s Pearl wi ice and fire?


Orth and Souls of my children murdered but within ice egg… ORTH  is the first Human to be murdered… Threo is the first woman to be raped and murdered with all the children and her companion Orth… our Solar System is the Heart of the Universe – tortured Heart…

stop murder of children!

poseidon's puzzle

poseidon’s puzzle…

In Greek mythology, the Hyades (/ˈhaɪ.ədiːz/; Ancient Greek: Ὑάδες, popularly “the rainy ones”, but probably from Greek hys, i.e. “swine”), are a sisterhood of nymphs that bring rain – bloody rain of HELL hys-in-g like dogs… swine is known to eat Odin at Rag-na-Rock… like wild swine eat a.corns… those two who i know they know who they are MUST return to be Pleiades as they used to be – pure – virgin – companions of the sister of Apollo… RETURN all you took!
p.s. this morning saw 8 CERNs around The Monad within The Heart of Living Human… it is very dangerous to trans-form Living Monad-Hearts of Human Children into Universes of speeding light particles… it seems science is the main tool of the murders of Living Humans… and all of the visible nuclear-wintered cosmos would look very different if all star-dusted into galaxies Hearts will be healing into Monads of Living Human Children around whom they were… Living Humans are so much closer to each other than “billions of light years apart”… and we are not as huge as speeding light of galaxies… Love!







now i understand what pipes of Uranus and Divine Mother are… near grey Goat kingdom stand two guards – grey soldier and Divine Mother – i chose Divine Mother – im not a grey soldier of grey goat!




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