The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has revealed a wealth of new features in the Red Rectangle that cannot be seen with ground-based telescopes looking through the Earth’s turbulent atmosphere. Whereas the origins of many of the features in this dying star still remain hidden, some are well explained by theorists like the Dutch scientist Vincent Icke from Leiden University in the Netherlands…
there used to be many CLONED EARTHS around the rectangle of original Structure… bathing in Lakes… this already levitating in the void… then there was McCloud “effect” found to evaporate all water around one of the Earths… water was gone from around ALL OF THEM… void… vacuum… CREATOR of THE CONFLICT to observe by himself as two “enemies” created by HIM are in conflict IS GUILTY OF BEING THE ORIGINAL MURDERER OF ALL THREE… three little children were murdered yesterday… children very important to the balance between LIFE and Nuclear Winter repeated…ORIGINAL CREATOR OF THE CONFLICT BEING THE POSSESSOR OF THE MIND THAT IS THE SYSTEM REFUSED TO RETURN THE MIND TO THE OWNER… it seems that Scots are very catastrophe-prone… McCloud… McClendon… McCoy… ~(*)~


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