CERN and murder in Soul and Spirit

Man made black holes are generated based on the theory that they would be so small and unstable that they would be harmless. Being unstable, they would disintegrate. But imagine billions of the black holes remaining stable, and then merging. How could this happen?… 8 controllers and 1 CERN…

now imagine that there are enough HUMANS with LIVING GOD “PARTICLES” connected to many mini-CERNS implanted into the holes made in our skulls to accelerate all ATOMAS from both sides into collisions – this is how many little black holes (see previous status) are made into big one… all of us are all around The Earth including all planetary and Sun children of our Solar system being already within black holes… people, aren’t you afraid yet of multidimensional “game” and all the whirling galaxies? because the vision of this Earth being burned by fire from heaven becomes more and more persistent in HEART’S CONSCIOUSNESS…

beyond the wormhole with Morgan Freeman re: how CERN works…


Murdering Humans in Soul and Spirit – healing us in meat only, – is the main enslavement tool of controllers – they use divided Human Souls to keep two halves (of ONE SOUL) programmed to murder each other…
if Humans are to be ALIVE we have to LOVE our “other side” enough to connect – if only few Humans are ready to be ONE and others USE US to do it for everyone by murdering children – pure children… YOU who are afraid of yourselves on the other side being cannibal, vampire, child rapist and murderer, this “other side” will murder not only US WHO ARE USED, but ALL THOSE WHO USE US and keep duality of black-white to those FEW who are controllers – only 8 of them… black discriminate against white and other races for milliards of years already – look how they fight to look abused on “this side”! jewish fight for being victims of genocide on “this side” – look – it is Babylonian JEWISH WHORE and 4 Kaifas who murder us all from “the other side”, being dressed HERE as Christian priests! It is JEWS who are responsible for genocide by being 49% of religious people on this side – all controlled by “other side” who finances them to OWN everybody on “this side” so that “the other side” is always in control – cannibals, vampires, murderers, sadists… it is hard to accept for some of my former fb friends (like Maitreya McClendon Wexler) that laughing all the time uncontrollably is the psychological trait of Papoa tribe – head hunters – cannibals – if you on “this side” have this trait, it means that you are cannibal on “other side”! there is a real black woman walking La Brea-Hollywood Blvd area, who is Soul kidnapper and murderer of GODS – she was not ashamed to introduce herself to me – her name is Mrs. Sings – she stood behind my back and kidnapped many through me – onto the roofs – onto the ships – i recognized her “other side” as being black woman-murderer – one of the crew members in film “Serenity” – Miranda is a very real place – The Structure, which imprisons everyone, is from that Earth – Shadow double of our Earth located on the other side of THE GAP of such magnitude – it is black and white – i saw Saturn aligning our Earth with Miranda through black-white and total gap of darkness to show how many Stars, Suns, Earths are in total darkness in between – Miranda is our TRUE OTHER SIDE – it is where ships used by those who murder us in Spirit and Soul go… unless everyone helps to HEAL this GAP of divided into H+ H- (77% of cosmos are HYDROGENE! H+ or H- or H2 after nuclear winter created by ONE WOMAN – she likes to keep cosmos an i state of nuclear winter – only one woman supported by the system she created – very bad cannibal and vampire and slaughterer of people – her name is Toropova (on the “other side”), on this side she is Toropova-Petrova-Marinez, who refuses to accept her “other side” and to finally let us all BE! see her photo – blond woman

# – anyone who can help me psychically to stop her murdering all of us… please!


“harry potter loves voldemort”


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