murder – secret service

autumn 2013 i called white house secret service to report that Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky and Alexandr Polienko have created hologram (images of two of them programmed into little glass side by side) with a program of destroying Earth that was implanted into Barack Obama’s brain – same hologram was implanted into my brain first, but the program of this hologram in my brain was stopped – it came out… Personal guards of Vladimir Putin were notified by letter i sent them as well… later on i saw change – double image imprinted on consciousness of one of the BIG hearts connected to our family – double image of A.Polienko and Yao (forth angel of archons of Yaldabaoth – face of the snake, who looks like V.Petrov-Gladky)… question is: what did secret service did to protect Earth’s Child HEART not to mention to protect their president? does this destruction hologram still operates in the brain of Barack Obama? because i just heard a command in someone’s mind (in Russian) that Moscow (program of destruction) is to go until complete ripping apart of the heart – our Earth is A CHILD – LIVING CHILD – NOT JUST A BALL OF MINERALS!!! 


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