Letter to mahendra Zaveri from face-book

guru means heavy (Sri RamaKrishna ParaMaHamSa)… i have a question to you Mahendra as someone who calls yourself Maha Indra: there are two who hold the system of torturing and reincarnating Humans (including all of Hindu faiths) – Human with gods experiment it is called – God is forced out from the middle heart Bone and two children are imprisoned – one in glass (hologram) and one in metal (box)… the mind that created the conflict to watch was said to be punished and the system=program of this human experiment was already SAID to be forbidden for milliards of years… Mother and Father came to help all the children, but it is new ignorant two-leggeds who are now possessing what they shouldn’t operate… there are TWO people who i know NOW being the system (russian speaking on the North of Xross) and you, my Atlantean face-book friend – Mahendra Zaveri… how much longer are you going to manipulate all from behind my back? Moscow is your slave, slaves of Moscow are black voodoo magicians, slaves of both slaves are USA and through USA all other countries… Mind that holds the system is including desire of Toropova-Petrova-Marinez (wife of Petrov-Gladky), who dissolved in Spirit yesterday from the fire Heart of Earth, now expressed desire to DRESS Petrov-Gladky into Spirit of another – purified this morning completely from grey shadow, – Sanata Kumara… Toropova-Petrova-Marinez is PARVATI who tears with her desires – she is YOUR DAUGHTER as well as your own physical daughter, even though you may reject being a father of makara-parvati monster YOU made out of herself… im waiting for you to stop enjoying the conflict by supporting system of imprisonment that forces Mother and Father to abandon children again only because of torture of such degree already that it surpasses the original perversion of Fire EYE upon angled grey moon… you have to give up being the boss who is feared by ALL LIVING ONES!!! do not repeat the mistake of Indra, my face-book friend MahaIndra=Mahendra… 


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