Iron and Water

“Black Forest” Masons’ caverns near Mt. Shasta have stalactites and stalagmites made by IRON and WATER – iron makes our water crystallised and this is why we age and die – IRON is the main manipulation tool used by “the system” to possess and control us from within (as through iron molecules, so through crystal lattices it forms around our DNA and crystals in blood – eating foods that have too much iron will age and kill you before your TRUE Soul’s need to leave the body… this morning received Neodymium magnets and placed them at Jehovian seal spots as well as where i felt i needed them – now i feel rotation of metal-and-crystal feeling chips all around shiatsu mapped points of my body – feel taste of iron in my mouths (have 3 magnets – 2 below thyroid (adama’s apple), one on the left near carotid artery “death spot” (see WuDang martial arts) and one on the spot where third eye is usually pictured as entrance to third eye (see link to ebay listing below)

OH! just was reMIND.ed that our Earth has melted IRON around HIS=HER HEART – he is a boy+girl – little child of The Heart of One Life, who doesn’t have a gender as we are LIED to by “The System” that supports division of Human Children into male and female – children of Human Heart are Flower Children without any sexual organs, but a root of The Flower “growing into The heart through Bona DAE FRA MA(=diaphragma)



Activations differ to the healing modalities in that most of the healing therapies work through the Aura and Chakras, clearing these of any blockages and balancing where they are over or under active. The Aura & Chakras are but a small part of your energy field which I will refer to as your Merkabah from hereon. Your Merkabah is the energy vehicle with which we transcend either through meditation or death. The field is filled with hundreds of energy vortices varying in size from tiny to large that are constantly spinning, and axial tonal lines (axial: form, structures, patterns, angels, geometry & architecture), (tonal: light, information, energy, vibration, frequency & colours of healing), that connect each of these energy centres creating a communication within your energy system. In addition to this we have diamond shaped templates of light throughout our Merkabah, along with the strings and strands of our infinity loops and long informational fibres that connect us to the Universal Cosmic Lattice and the energy grids of the Earth (the as above so below). ..

see my post on how Earth Child HEART is affecting all of us



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