first there was a sphere that became an egg – then there was a chicken – God answered this riddle – it is very bad habit to “kei” the eggs out of the HOUSE with Kei (=billiard cue) and brake them… Kei is also a name of my brother – the spear holder… sometimes called Mantaka (aligned to Ursa Major by Mantak Chia) and sometimes Keu is called the spear of destiny still being held by the brain of Toropova – former Nazi responsible for murder and torture of many children in concentration camp – this past life memory-consciousness still destroying all of us known as Mantak or Philadelphia experiment of US department of defense… im just curious how much longer US department of defence is going to help former Russian KGB spy in Gestapo to murder and possess the minds of US citizens? are you really slaves and servants of Moscow in cold war against your own country… though once i was sent to Ventura psychiatric unit by “peace officer” only because i was too passionate to call her “servant of the people”…


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