Kosh чей?

the mistake GREY Michael Watcher realised yesterday – he cannot have me as a desert or DEsert because i’ve connected to the Ocean of Xristos FULL BOLY – passing through the heart it felt a bit painful – but it is full body connection instead of many making mistake connecting only their head… like Kurt, Carl… yesterday all Living Souls xonnected to heart-Cosnciousness of Xristos and myself were thrashed and murdered brutally… Uruswati is no longer with me – without her blue sapphire is just a stone… sorry Michael – you are NOT equal to God, whose Machine of Music you are only the opposite to (being Grey Kosh.Chey=one who hoards to himself The Kosh) – i will never forger your photo of One God being BLACK dots and rectangulars on squared golden ratio map… instead of black dots and rectangulARS and quadrants there must be living Humans with their Living Music – Saturn is a friend – Living Friend and Son of Sun – your Grey is an enemy… if he can still correct anything now, this is last warning… exist if you can…  



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