62 points connecting all lay lines – one on North Pole is connected to Human Ancestor, about whom Russians made documentary – it says that he was found in a round sphere leaking minerals and fluids from his “phallus” (flower heart thorn out through the wound between legs)… this documentary was made couple of years ago – 61st point on the map is North Pole…



MARK BAKER: i wonder if anyone placed a ley grid on a peterson projection map?

INNA MARIA: do you mean little quadrants or colours?

MARK BAKER: the quadrants


INNA MARIA: i be.live i’ve heard that collapse of time into metal box created 800-1500 di.men.t.ions… radio di.men.t.ions linked to humans who are connected to holograms up on the other side of “their” black holes… woman created it using radio channels with various microchipped “entertainment” for each “station”… system of “separate and rule” managed by misinformation, lies, mis.translation, no being yes on opposite sides… many other tools used to re.imprison ANCIENT OF DAYS and our family into “the system”… green is very helpful colour of reflection and left hemisphere use to eat both – right and central…

i counted 136 quadrants

“squaring the circle or making pi come out even”

squaring the golden ratio…

squaring the ANCIENT OF DAYS…

Shamael tempted Eve and Adam to EAT APPLE of knowledge… and then they discovered that they are naked… and placed a fig leaf to cover their nakedness…

“…Beyond the lack of novelty in the projection itself, the claims Peters made about the projection were also familiar to cartographers. Just as in the case of Peters, earlier projections generally were promoted as alternatives to the Mercator. Inappropriate use of the Mercator projection in world maps and the size disparities figuring prominently in Peters’s arguments against the Mercator projection had been remarked upon for centuries and quite commonly in the 20th century.[11][12][13][14][15][16][17] As early as 1943, Stewart notes this phenomenon and compares the quest for the perfect projection to “squaring the circle or making pi come out even”[18] because the mathematics that governs map projections just does not permit development of a map projection that is objectively significantly better than the hundreds already devised…”



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