home-galaxy of Oikumene Tribe – 13th tribe – The Oikoumene mysteriously disappeared… with only one individual… known to be active in modern times…
i know this galaxy by shape and from past life memory – memory of this galaxy destroyed, but still HUMAN WORLD of 2 – memory of being destroyed into spiraling mineral left-overs and “core” of light left on the side to remind of Humans that once WERE… this galaxy is linked to Milky Way through Capricorn (=Makara=Leviathan=etc. reptilian perversities names)… Capricorn=The God (from “Goat”) is murdered Human with his wife and all children (see Giger “Necronomicus” paintings of what Daviethai (3rd AEON of 3rd Son (“Autogene”) of Father of Xristos) looks like right now – perverted by Makara creature that is still feeding on all of us even now because Makara is loved by all imitations of the REAL and all the reptilian leftovers of Father’s MIND)

Zero Point of 13th Tribe Homeworld is – O – point of “grinder” between Blue Sapphire and White Diamond double-pointed long crystals (Jehova=El Moria and Heavenly Mother=Barbelo)… the moment we (our Souls) are free from these crystals, reptilian leftovers will stop manipulating us with “their” technology… Cyrannus and 12 tribes are opposed by battle-ship of Orion – Human originally perverted into constellation essence of his LIGHT=SOUND by thermonuclear re.akt.ion of HOH into H+ O(Ф) H- (all other Humans followed destruction into LIGHT=SOUND “formulas” HE had no right to “account” us as… the rat…)

see this link for the original “Matrix” code letters “seed” of Daviethai was encoded with to turn The MEN of Pure Light into the soldiers (fearsome soldiers who march mechanically in BLOCK – all the same – turning marching shouting – the most night.mare-ISH-wara i had ever experienced:

Caprica (Capricorn=Goat) Capital of Cyrannus is located left from and UNDER central XX – on the way to base pointed end of Sapphire Crystal of Jehovah=El Moria closely related to TWINS of Virgo – lost two galaxies in Virgo constellation might be their LIGHT-SOUND essence “accounted for” by the rat…


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