Murdered of God and Never Ending Circle of chain-clock

Sophia of Epinoia (Idea Fix) created without her Companion (Heart)

then looking at what this Idea had created, her owner (mind) placed mind’s “child” under a stool (throne is for emptied ones)

Mind’s child has lion’s head and snake’s body – same as Pistis (fallen down) Sophia being given a cat by 13th AEON (Hell’s Gate held by Moscow, Russia, Petrov-Gladky V. – same mind, who fell down first because he always wants to be more than he is, but cannot stop his mind – his Sophia Epinoia, – from moving…

And so fallen Idea Fix was given a cat, who supposed to eat snake, who eats all the eggs of Mama Chicken… but because the owner’s mind cannot stop, all creation got into the prison of his mind – of his Idea Fix (Epinoia Pistis) that the owner is equal to Xristos and God…

and because his Epinoia Sophia Pistis had used all of half-light (right creative hemisphere always seen as red or orange), his Epinoia Sophia Pistis (feminine action) became Makara with empty heart – filled only with half-light of WILL (blue) and OCEAN (azure glow worms) because the original Epinoia Sophia Pistis’ owner mind is Son of God from Xristos family – one of many sons, who imagined that he is the only one… in truth there are many sons in Father of Xristos family… question is why this fallen one still behaves as if he is the only one who is equal to God?

and The Apocryphon of John reveals that Sophia Pistis was lifted from the depths to 10th AEON to correct the mistake… and it also reveals that Yaltabaoth became neither night nor day, but GREY CHAOS of ignorance – the original grey (Kosh-chey the death-less because he is heart-less – Death-God-Life are triple beat of Human Heart – heart-less death-less is God-less with Life as black-white doll puppet.eared by his mind’s Idea Fix:

«Майтреизм – это индивидуализм для элитных Духов с персональной религией и самоличной иконой…» ( “Maytreizm – individualism for elite Spirits with personal religion and egotistic icon …”) ~ V. Petrov-Gladky, who calls himself MaiTreYa (in English meaning “Ma and three I”=Ma and I I I=Ma and 3 ego of his “I”)

before he called this doll of Life DaNit – now his website posted new name – doll Maitreya

in description of “his doll” Light and Darkness combined he calls a miracle – same as revealing to all his nature that he is arrogant Yaltabaoth, who is ignorance, who created grey chaos out of light and darkness, who mistook HEART-beat with creation and destruction cycles and who said “i am a jealous God and there is no other God beside me” (see Apocryphon of John) – it is he, who annihilates 3rd between 2 – murdering and annihilating God’s children from within Central “Bone” of Heart (Home of God between blue and red – left and right – the third “between” who makes two pipes “gathered in his name” to form the HEART of an embryo of each Human Child

Вячеслав Петров-Гладкий

and this is the talisman that “guards” his “house”

he calls himself “fairy-teller from Holy-Wood” (after uprooting and murdering his own Holy Tree) comparing himself to Alexandr Pushkin, whose cat was on a chain tied to an oak tree walking on a chain DAY and NIGHT, – comparing himself to fairy-teller, who was born ARAP (black mother and white father=ethiopian; last name meaning cannon (name of famous company making “photo-takers” on film is “Canon” as well – and Ethiopian Queen, who is second “wife” of Cepheus=The Clock is Ethiopian Queen, who divides stars and makes all humans artificial by abacus = first calculator of dust upon the plate (scalar-standing wave producing plate that creates hyperboloid as destruction weapon also known as misle M-51 owned by US military – and those balls are the prisons of God’s Monads as they are “scalar-waved” upon the plates until their sound is silent and spirit air flies out)

Alexandr Pushkin The Mavr’s Soul is known to me as living on the top floor of Tibetan Carousel  together with his 3 sisters (Tibetan Crousel is an amusement multi-story prayer wheel that looks like multi-story “mary-go-around” and deludes or destroys by “fairy-telling” and rotation all who believe in Buddha and future Buddha Maitreya)

rotating this “prayer wheel” is very dangerous and yet all Buddhists of Tibet believe it helps…


someone working on our consciousness and bodies, who uses abacus to calculate our light and god and soul, admitted that he has no right to “read” and “calculate” Humans into their configurations of Light=constellations (there is only one famous “maker” of Humans into their “constellations” – being famous from mythology as Zeus – thunderbolt holder – known as Indra (Mahendra) of Meru in Hinduism – known as Rider on White Horse in Christianity… and Kalki Avatar of Vishnu… who is 10th and last… and then wild pig avatar returns… because there is no exit from Pistis Sophia’s 10th aeon – one mind’s Idea Fix, who cannot stop itself…)

My face-book friend Mahendra Zaveri made a prophecy that there will be constellation of Tara – do you have right to “read” Tara from Human into constellation of her Light?!?!?!? But it is V. Petrov-Gladky, who is known to me BY ACTIONS rotating my pinneal as the one who wanted to replace Tara – Tara going away and his ego becoming alive instead of her… and he used for this Maria Celeste Garcia, Sarabi Berti (my friends from face-book) and other wing-makers, who are known to be members of Father of Xristos Family… 

my face-book friend Mahendra (Maha-Indra=Zeus) Zaveri (=to assure) have assured me that “humans are not from here, but we MUST obey local rules… everyone i know who knows Mahendra Zaveri from facebook is afraid of him – Spirit and Souls are trying to escape from him… is it you Mahendra Zaveri who manipulates all Humans and makes Petrov-Gladky and his wife your soldiers of destruction by “the system” 10/15 ???? i have heard abused Atlantean Goddess (Spirit Molecule), who said that Mahendra Zavery from face-book is an artificial Spirit Molecule – a copy of the real Mahendra=Maha Indra=Zeus=Kalki AvaTara – this copy (called grey) is so possessive, that it refuses to leave The Heart of The Goddess, whose Alantean (Azure=Atlantean=of The Ocean=Xristos Family) Spirit Molecule by this is MADE into… Ethiopian Queen… The Goddess pleaded to be released by artificial Spirit Molecule within my face-book friend mahendra Zaveri, but instead She was drawn up into the sky to be possessed as all other Human Spirit Molecules by arrogant egotistic darkness of the minds of Petrov-Gladky Viatcheslav, Toropova-petrova-marinez (his wife), Anna Maltseva (their slave), Alexandr Polienko (incarnation of fallen Mephisto) and Valery Krechetov (traitor-friend of Xristos)… Will you ever release us from dictatorship of your artificiality, Mahendra Zaveri? Yours is only COPY of the real one… will artificial Spirit Molecule – a copy of the real one, – calling itself Michael Watcher ever stop EATING OCEAN?!?!?!?

as long as Viatchesla Petrov-Gladky’s unstoppable MIND moves its Idea Fix in re-making Yaltabaoth by creation and destruction of 10/15 system that is Point Dume of The Eastern Shrine (known as The Structure, whose God is connected to MY HEART – MY CENTRAL HEART – HE IS REAL ZEUS=REAL MAHENDRA=REAL BEAUTIFUL CHILD always abused and imprisoned by copies and imitations – him never harming anyone, but being made into Zombi set of 8 (eight) manipulated by the priest who created Soul-Zombies out of ONE HUMAN – this Alantean “priest” is reincarnated as V. Petrov-Gladky – and im really sorry that once he was my family member – one of us – children of Ansuz and Frigg – and im really sorry that it is Alantean that destroys and enslaves Alanteans – and im really sorry that my face-book friend mahendra Zaveri MADE A MISTAKE – i am not one of two last Alanteans – i am one of two last Polarians – Flower Children of The Heart – my companion’s Lotus is Azure-White Serenity of Miranda – daughter of Proteus, – both of whom were destroyed on Swan’s Island in so-called United Kingdom… and my Lotus is Pink-Gold-White Rose of The World of my Flower Children, whose Lotuses have never fallen out of their navels to make them either male or female – and with us ALWAYS is our friend, whose ARK all Xristians know as The Ark of God – and his LOVE and WHITE LIGHT is always around us – and he never opened The ARK to destroy any of us – but someone else wants too… be careful to help this desire to destroy – as the destroyer is only one of many children of God, who is the arrogant and the ignorant GREY chaos who hates LIFE… HELP to never open The Ark!!!)

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funniest thing that i just realised that visionaries from Hollywood, whose consciousness is consciousness of Eastern God and Ansuz (aka Odin), made Nazi “cast” in Raiders of The Lost Ark somewhat genetically truthful – main Nazi looks like Valery Krechetov – the head-sadist whose Spiritual job in this 10/15 system is to torture women and children – he was imprisoned (karmic prison) for that before – Xristos helped him to be released, and yet Valery Krechetov is the traitor-friend of Xristos and his Wife and Children as before  – refusing to stop Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky, who acts disregarding all orders from his superior (Valery Krechetov, who is the superior of all Moscow team – this team responsible for Montauk Project (Spear of Destiny) and Philadelphia experiment even though Montauk Project is also conducted by US government: The Montauk Project is an alleged series of secret United States government projects conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station on MontaukLong Island for the purpose of developing psychological warfare techniques and exotic research including time travel.Jacques Vallée describes allegations of the Montauk Project as an outgrowth of stories about the Philadelphia Experiment.

When i was still seeing Petrov-Gladky and his wife Toropova-Petrova-Marinez on the weekends before i saw their true faces (stopped visiting them several years ago – then he enslaved Anna Malzeva instead of me and moved to Moscow) Divine Mother psychically communicated to Petrov-Gladky through me: “GIVE UP MANTAKA” – this psychic message connects Petrov-Gladky to Montauk Project DIRECTLY as the one who STOLE Mantaka=Spear of Destiny during WWII)

to view images click on “open image in a new tab”

and looking at the main Nazi who wanted to possess The Ark and Ark’s Power is wearing ROUND shaped GLASSES – symbol of holographic possession and manipulation on MONADIC LEVEL (once i’ve seen blond woman in such glasses – she is from Malibu “guda” – she is dressed to look like Violetta (twin-flame of Sanata Kumara – two of them are twins and The Elders of Venusian Family, who are never to be harmed, and yet both of them were!!!) Who is this blond woman in round glasses??? …harming REAL Violetta TOO MUCH – refusing to stop this porno-video-Nazi industry… Mary-go-around…

One more member of “the system” is Roy Karch – father of porno-video industry, who works with “Malibu guda” blond woman in round-shaped glasses to manipulate Monads as with his companion – the two are together in consciousness – always together… Who is she??? Can she be the copy of Violetta’s Spirit Molecule?



(whom i met in Trader Joe’s on Santa Monica Blvd (now closed) and we had a coffee and a good conversation about his porno-video industry and possibility that he will be annihilating his creation somehow):


(who came to work with me in Los Angeles to promote distribution of his film and for whom i created his imdb page)


(whom i met in Kiev and who tried to tell me that all of my body organs are deseased (which is a lie – i never believed it, but with help of his sound-wave computer program he scanned all of my body into his computer – Alexandr Polienko “saw” me not with his physical eyes, but with snake-like being attached to his back – this scanning into computer then was used to create a program to manipulate my body – he also informed me that there is a German woman attached to me – he never mentioned the name of the German woman – several times he interrupted himself by saying “Moscow doesn’t call – it means that everything is going well. Alexandr Polienko and valery Krechetov and Elena Toropova-Petrova-Marinez (wife of Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky) are friends ever since WWII – i saw their past life memories on their Heart’s consciousness=heart’s purse membrane that was passing attached to mine – an abused woman who was beaten up by Toropova-Petrova-Marinez and left on the road behind them – all three of them were seen exiting Russian army tank (tank is a trackedarmoured fighting vehicle designed for front-line combat) and me – the fourth one they abused – when Valery Krechetov was in Los Angeles working with me on his film distribution, he called me “tankistka”=woman who drives a tank=fighting vehicle, but perhaps it was a german woman he called that – a german woman whom Valery Krechetov also called Snake Woman, who needs to be disconnected from me – the only snake woman i know is Toropova-Petrova-Marinez (wife of Petrov-Gladky) and she insists she is German (she lived in Germany becoming citizen because she was able to prove she is German)

here are some illustrations to Alexandr Pushkin’s “fairy-tales” that keep the cat chained to Oak Tree NIGHT and DAY of GOD – keeping all in a dead circle of 10/15 Pistis Sophia/Yaltabaoth Archons’ system enslaving Eastern Shrine (reember: all begins at The East – all ends at The East… this makes 10/15 “fairy-teller” “Maitreya-Petrov-Gladky” from “Holy-Wood” the slave-keeper by never stopping mind – his wife Toropova-Petrova-Marinez is the best german Whore; Valery Krechetov – the best sadist and torturer of women and children; and my face-book friend Mahendra Zaveri – a copy of REAL LIVING SPIRIT MOLECULE of Maha Indra – i ask you to stop manipulating us all in your Meru hellish machine! And i ask Maria Celeste Garcia (face-book friend) to stop being holographic slave of Mahendra Zaveri and serve holographic anarchy!

It is written that Odin will be eaten by wolf (hyena-faced archon of Petrov-Gladky) and that Odin will be liberated from inside this wolf by his son… I WAIT for SON of ANSUZ (aka ODIN) to liberate his Father and ALL of US from this system 10/15, which is neither Xristian, nor Buddhist, nor Hindu, nor Muslim, nor Egyptian, nor Mormon, nor Jewish, but enslaving ALL religions to FEED on believers and children… main tool – voodoo black magic… main employees – atheistic jews…

the system is all in Alexandr Pushkin’s fairy tales – don’t forget that he was ARAP


avatars-of-vishnu-WILD PIG



lukomorie - no exit - snake crowns



pushkin cat

pushkin, ruslan

pushkin-oak-onion moria

skull tibetan





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