Cannibal Witch

asi marinez-petrovgladki

Elena Toropova-Petrova-Marinez(the cannibal witch) just showed me how her black voodoo magic done with THE BLOOD OF XRISTOS (CHRIST) FAMILY works:

she implants pieces of consciousness upon the hearts of children and people she wants to harm – pieces of consciousness are pieces(strips like video clips) of membrane of the heart’s purse with her HEART’s actions (whatever our heart desires is immediately reflected on heart’s membrane=heart’s consciousness=heart’s purse making it a living action)

Piece of E.Toropova-Petrova-Marinetz conscious action i just passed through the heart of the child connected to my heart was: group portrait of a group of children-cannibals with blood dripping out of E.T-P-M’s mouths – then she opened a drawer and took something out of it – then she walked to the kitchen – opened water in a sink that looks like a sink in a restaurant kitchen or bio/chem lab – as she turned the handle for water to flow, she took glass container with GREEN BLOOD out of her left jeans pocket (large one but fitting into a small jeans poket, which confirms that this action is only done on the heart’s conscious membrane)

she poured green blood into the sink and immediately three clown-dolls began to roll and appear as they changed into three people: two teenage girls (same age as Toropova) and a very damaged in physical body man in a space suit who acted as robot: three girls left man-robot in the kitchen behind invisible clear door (clear holograms of the ancients work this way as invisible dividers and lenses to project WILL to DO THINGS – Toropova unfortunately got into possession 2 (out of 8 that manipulate all of life on earth now) of these ancient clear holograms (looking like large rectangular glass about 1-2 inches thick))

The damaged man-robot in a space suit looks like NebuChadNezzar (king of Babylon also known from sci-fi trilogy “Star Wars” as Death Vader, though appearance of an actor from the film differs as it is imagination of filmmaker)

E.T-P-M also possesses the heart and mind of my half-soul (it is possible to divide a soul of humans into many parts to either create many of one being weak or to create many to be possessed by black voodoo witches). My half-Soul of the child was made into a hybrid with Alpha-Draconian female from Orion (either Soul of Alpha-Draconian combined in the physical heart of a woman chosen to be the hybrid of two half-souls or Human half-Soul implanted into Alpha-Drakonian heart placed into human woman chosen to be the hybrid)

Orion is the beginning of all perversion and down-fall of all Humanity and God – the beginning of Lemurian des.ease of humans “having sex” with animals, which in truth is black voodoo magic of those who desired to possess magical blood of Xristos family (green blood) Xristos Family blood can keep Souls alive forever – Xristos Family blood can dissolve all the weapons, metals and holograms – Xristos Family blood can make dead alive – Xristos Family blood can heal all des.eases – Xristos Family blood can even make “the body-Soul” of the Human taken out of our physical body (being forced out like piece of meat out of physical body, Soul-Body takes shape and recovers all human body parts if placed into blood of Xristos Family, but after that Soul-Body no longer looks like us – it looks like all those “aliens”…)

i know at least 2 people who are alive right now whose Soul-body was forced out of physical body – one of them has a replacement soul within him – perhaps artificial because his soul is used as a channel and as a golem by russian-speaking men…




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