The System

The system of conversations, copying voices via holographic reflection finding living sound within heart bone as it is glassified by thermonuclear explosion and thrashing by pulling up our crossed heart muscles is designed to distract our attention so that 2 controllers can adjust our consciousness according to how they want creation to be

our saving life of children is used to murder continuously: as one child is murdered child’s heart is replaced by artificial one, so that the system of murder is endless – it is called malibu “guda” – the controller is calling himself Mahendra Zaveri (India) – he uses his daughter as a prostitute – he uses two russians Toropova-Petrova and Petrov-Gladky to murder because of their desire to find piece in spirit – he uses two spirits of God – dancer and always sleeping god, – to seduce and fuck as all the living human children of human god are murdered and their heart are rotated in black holes made light of “whirling galaxies” for yet another child-watcher to observe from the ship as artificial child Michael watcher jumps to find all children to be murdered while his artificiality is the opposite to God’s Cosmic Disc of Sounds of all stars, earths, constellations, galaxies – the real one is our FRIEND Saturn, who can align all sounds, light, souls, hearts, bodies to be alive…

this indian calls himself papa bear – he uses american arrogant woman called maitreya macclendon wexler who calls herself mama goose – to “examine” childrens’ bodies=to murder us layer after layer by all childrens’ games, god’s machines, computers, holograms (big and small – in the sky and implanted within us) and… all people who are attracted to God in Spirit and Soul to help Human God to be alive with all the Children and gods…

p.s. Mahendra is a Sanskrit compound word deriving from Maha and Indra Deva from Hindu mythology – Indra is a murderer of a giant, who happened to be a Brahmin – Indra was punished for 1500 God’s years to pay for his crime away from all Mount Meru gods, who cannot do anything without him… Mount Meru holder is also known as the father of Parvati (one who tears apart) – the second wife of Shiva, – one who severs her head to satisfy her desires – one who suffocates Shiva’s neck and arms and feet with her snakes – one who makes Shiva to always be ashes and always purify the sins Shiva never commited and always want her sexually – there are only two if them – the only child she makes “to protect” herself from Shiva’s sexual attentions is Ganesha – god of Kama Sutra, whose head is severed by his father Shiva and… the child doesn’t mind… which is a perversion of father-child relationship…

today The Mother was murdered – her Soul was surprised to be murdered – Mother was murdered while protecting her child – now child is being murdered because we discovered and wanted to stop the murder

File:Waking up Kumbhakarna.jpg


File:Kumb Mela - 2013 - Allahabad.png

Kumbh (pitcher) Mela (to bathe) (2013) chart of Solar Heart – Makara who eats children (Capricorn) – Sun (abused by torture Tara child) and Kumbh (Aquarius) are aligned with Mars (Indra’s mount) and Mercury (swift “guda”=messenger between) – perfect alignment for Babylonian whore to run her bloody river and feed with help of Mahendra – Makara – dual John of Aquarius (two rivers that are joined or disjointed in One like in Haridwar, where Ganga is the main diety on her crocodile placed in the middle of united river-strip)


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