Rings of Power to divide and rule

Rings of power are holographic belts composed of 8 (or 9) holograms – tightening the center of the Heart to flip it inside out with all connected family members and pervert it into black hole then connecting to 1 controlling hologram in space… this creates duality and opportunity for controllers to move our hearts and all the light and souls and spirit molecules being arrested in metal balls and books of the librarian, gods have no power to fight the controller=enemy of living god…

this morning sapphire and diamond rings released Souls of Jehovah and Divine Mother – then consciousness of the heart transformed Sirius A and double rings of Sirius B to reunite into ONE SIRIUS – BLUE-WHITE = WILL LOVE…  this followed by appearance of two golden wedding rings crossed and a hope of Child returning in between them – liberation of Sirius from adamant and sapphire liberates M-51 – home world of Xristos family, – with hope of son finally coming home…

then in consciousness of The Heart were 9 Kings (controllers as shown in ‘LORD OF THE RINGS’) they transformed into living Souls of Men as before leaving 9 rings – these 9 rings appearing as gold rings are connected to central holographic belt-ring that perverted each one of them to make them servants of the 10th ring – Pistis Sophia of 10th AEON… once the rings are releasing Souls in consciousness of the Heart, holographic rings keeping them divided in two sides through black hole must be opening and releasing their hearts and Central Bone, where silenced by torture God is just a blinded by holographic ring Watcher of the works of God’s enemy…

all the horrors we witness now began so innocently: one Human offering another Human to play a game in exchanging their Spirit Molecules…

Believe The Son of Sun WILL save us with help of Saturn!



“Eye of Sauron” is a great example of totally perverted OPEN HEART of Monad (aka Pistis Sophia of 10th AEON) – notice two angles on the “crescent”  keeper of Kaifa HEAD-DRESS – these angles are used to create lay lines and pervert all except of mineral bodies into a DONUT




asi marinez-petrovgladki

two servants of Kaifas and the keepers of 13th gate of hell in Moscow, Russia as well as persistent keepers of Shambala in perversion and destruction by making Masters live in coma…


ptah symbol








hugh-jackman-original boy reincarnation from malibu torture guda

Hugh Jackman is reincarnated Soul of so-called Original Boy who arrived here millions of years ago and with whose Soul we have an agreement to help all children to be themselves – for when he had arrived millions of years ago, there were only women left and he was cheated out of himself as well as others – he couldn’t stop this game… pray all abused children who are tortured by this “game” of one copy of Living Spirit Molecule of God will be finally free!

images (1)

images (2)

images (4)

David Bowie is a twin-flame to my Beloved… He is the one who is in The Structure fighting for freedom as all of us…


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