Vishnu drowned in the Ocean made out of Uranus 

60 65  67  70   0    85   (86)  87   0

85  12   3   FMS 12 as 3   spheres Living Humans

0   70     egyptian telephone – planes of stardust 

5 gaps between = 3 + Heart of One Life

12 gaps between = missing 3 and missing 13th AEON as 12=3 around Heart of One Life

6 gaps = 70 = Star of David that is 2 split atoms 3+3  of FMS in a Sphere or Luminous Cocoon (ellipsoid is diminished sphere)

if 6 gaps = Hagalaz (one and only child of Ansuz and Fehu), then all of those gaps are missing STARS

saw voodoo magic of two hands polishing Luminous Egg

? whose hands?

if answer is Atlas – then 70 – then pa.tri.arch.al (split in 3 atom) planes with star-dust rotated by black holes

this is the beginning of all planes and holographic “life”

if answer is ? them child’s hands that were abused in this way will be found by child’s arms that match the hands and then 87 = 12 = 3 = Spheres around Heart of One Life instead of perverted creation



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