Soul and Her Territory

libid kiy schek horiv

If only people would REALIZE that whatever happens to each one of HUMANS, so is reflected in our consciousness (Heart’s purse is a membrane around our heart – it is on this membrane that our consciousness IS)

My Soul – Lybid’ (Swan in English), – is connected FOREVER to Kiev, Kanev, Siberia, Ural Mountains, Brazilia, and now also to – California, Arkansas, and some of Arizona, and Mount Shasta, and Guam, and Hawaii…

Fight against all governments will continue everywhere my Soul is connected to because it is MY HEART – MY SOUL – MY SPIRIT that are tortured right now by two insane two-leggeds who simply decided to commit suicide and blame me in murdering them – they made a mistake involving governments, military, police, and terrorist organizations in addition to their computer and “Black Sun” friends of The Earth…




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