Archangel Michael and his des.ease machine to heal humanity

Archangel Michael and his des.ease machine to heal humanity is known to be created to heal Lemurian des.ease: humans copulating with animals (this includes all sex with animals perhaps even with off-spring outcome; this includes famous Lilith, who is known to copulate with snake or own – either case it is half-animal-half-human; this includes the most terrible of all hybrids: alpha-draconian with human woman made on Orion – this hybrid was made with a woman of Xristos Family and so entire Xristos Family is cursed by having mutated DNA and blood and the rest ever since as the woman chosen to make alpha-draconian-human woman hybrid was Lady of The Lake also known as Mother of The Swan Children, who are guardians of Arthur=Xristos – this hybrid done to control Xristos family…)

Here is modern research proving that experiments to create artificial life forms as well as to create all sorts of hybrids is very persistent desire in the minds of modern men:

this DNA example of artificial hybrid created by tampering with HEALTHY human DNA by applying AB blood type of Metatrone – him being part of Xristian Family – being hybrid of alpha-draconian and human – this perversion produces a being which looks like Yaltabaoth: snake with a human head (long snake-like body containing all members of chosen to possess family with human head of a person who wants to control all)


Film “Alien” shows real alpha-draconian-Xristos family members hybrids – it is why The Mother is laying eucalyptus-like eggs: Green Eucalyptus SEED is THE SEED of Emerald Merkaba of Xristos Family Member Soul Star… all of this done to transform The Monad into The Structure of Cells (rectangular with angular labyrinth as i saw it)



Orion initiated experiment to control The Machine of Xristos ended in such a disaster that only God knows that even 17 before Father of Xristos Family cannot persuade these 8 controllers that healing MUST BE DONE by original family members together HEALING instead of all modern stupid men involving into new games and experiments to suffice the lifestyle and habit to rule over others of ONE original Alpha-Draconian+Human Woman hybrid and ONE original Snake+Human Man hybrid – both are known to me by names of two-leggeds, whose minds are connected to the originals to appear normal yet control ALL as before (same two most stupid two-leggeds ever: Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky and Elena Toropova-Petrova-Marinez – his wife)

Until EASTERN GREEN SHRINE heals including all who were infected by reptilian and draconian hybridization, Humanity has no chance of healing despite all Pleiadian attempts and experiments…



The question i have to Archangel Michael: why don’t you first heighten frequencies according to Doctor Hulda Clark, who found out that all viruses and des.eases that plague our bodies disappear at about 700 Hz?  Then we can begin DREAM about healing hybrids of Emerald Covenant and GOD of Eastern Shrine, with whom i am connected Heart to Heart – PHYSICALLY

Be Archangel Michael for God’s sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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