this or last night a memory passed in my consciousness – photographic memory of a woman who is connected to the brain of Maria Nikolaevna Romanova – possessor woman’s face appeared overlaying favourite image of Maria… her brain kept in Germany – possessor woman connected to her brain during WWII – now this sadist, who was communistic spy in Gestapo murdering all related to Human Ancestors, is reborn as wife of Petrov-Gladky – physical characteristic of all “soldiers” whose brain is used by the system is head shaped as if top of the skull is cut off – it is flat instead of normal human skull shape… also extremely low forehead such “soldiers” always hide under special hairstyle “chelochka”… it is a shame that some people disbelieve horror of ancient crimes dealing with brain manipulations outside of body…




brains of Venusians are kept at Ghotra Building, UCLA – manipulated by two shifts of scientists, who are continuing “pandora experiment” research (US department of Defence)  


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