there is time when fishes tails of children’s hearts are so tinned by nuclear winter that whoever competes to be a companion of a Human Mother of those children being Human Man must show himself in a very difficult test of WILL

to masturbate in a very rare yoga pose of Geb following the pose of Min to save all the living children’s hearts split in two to reconnect to themselves instead of being destroyed by self-appointed mind who is weak enough to have woman suck his dick instead of being WILL of GOD onto himself…





Geb and Nut as Father-Mother (from mysteries of Hatshepsut)

Amun-Ra-Kamutef by iconsofkemet



if no living Father God is in man, then two perverted fishes appear in consciousness of God – split Heart Bone of a Child who holds this mystery of Son of Isis and Orion taking practitioner to the highest Buddhist realization of two fishes… and consciousness of God is aware that there is only living Mother with children so tortured and split because there is no Father God alive is in men connected to us by blood…

those men-candidates who cannot master their will enough to do as their to be spiritual companion asks when needed especially if we connect only telepathically… is not the master of his mind nor living god is master of such man’s heart-mind-soul enough… they cannot be Father in-carno… or they are simply products of a copy… dead ones…


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