the original EVIL seated upon the throne above The Father & Mother is maintaining his dominion by making us all to change our heart’s consciousness to the most beautiful he and his soldiers can make us to by deceit – then he disconnects consciousness membrane from the collective Heart of a copy he makes as his metatrone – this membrane of our Hearts is then superimposed over every aspect of what is to serve as omnipresent consciousness of God… murdered in body, yet always alive so to speak… nuclear warfare and complete annihilation of living children by turning them into nuclear ashes (i man upto living spirit molecules) – whoever is connected by blood to the family can somehow help to save as many children as possible – yet how many can be patient enough to live in hemophilic state of bloody river of Babylon for as long as it takes to win Life back from holographic nazi? yesterday my child became very sad – we help – but who helps us to be alive – others heal through us and leave – and we – small group of little children are almost murdered… bad children of God who heal through others and forget to help those who helped them are traitors… few brave ones who love mama more than a prostitute…


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