German Sheppard is a very special BREED of dog made to possess the mind by being connected to the brain… Germans are guilty of too many experiments connecting human brains to these creatures… these dogs are much more ancient than those recreated in modern Germany – first bred on Orion to possess the brains of Khandaria Mahadeva (now only JeHova) and other family members including Lady of The Lake, who since then incarnated many times to recollect her brain, heart, and heart’s-brain’s children with all the living Spirit Molecules and Souls that are still arrested in a german shepherd’s circle chasing its own tail around sapphire meta.trone…

original soldier-woman connected to the brain of Lady of The Lake is reptilian enough (underdeveloped on purpose) to be fully controlled by the dog controlling the brain of The Lady according to dog’s owner de.sire… all i saw is that this is a female black shepherd – younger then orange-black german shepherd Gestalt, who controls the brain of Daviethai (third autogene-aeon-son of The Father, who was the first one to fall…)  

Hitler had such an attraction to Nefertiti’s Head – he knew he must never part with Her…

Communist’s spies in Gestapo are woman and man, who were responsible for destroying the plan of reviving and re enlivening Human Ancestors as – free from possession of the dogs… these two are original enemies – two copies – two reptilian soldiers whose brain is connected even now to the dogs who are still controlling The Lady and Daviethai through first copy of The Father – Original Matatrone, who i’ve seen this morning wanting to stop playing metal balls of nuclear bombs and turn dead pearls he played with to collide into LIVING PEARLS of LIVING CHILDREN – HIS BROTHERS and SISTERS – this wish of child’s heart transformed his consciousness him looking white with azure eyes instead of usual grey… i HO for the child to HO & WILL … to really succeed disconnecting all our brains from the dogs and making us all LIVE – FREE from Grey soldiers of Moscow 13th Gate of Hell

LADY of the lake is known to us by several other names: Bridgit, Nefertiti, Great Architect, Tara, Avalokiteshvara, Violetta (one incarnation who is a fighter for freedom of humanity unknown except to the few closest friends – this mummy looks exactly as violated body of Violetta – sister of Merlin – unknown to many NAME of famous LADY OF THE LAKE…) 


this picture reflects what really happened to Nefertiti – The BEAUTIFUL ONE


Description pointless, one has to see it,” wrote Ludwig Borchardt on 6th December 1912 in his diary. In the ruins of the desert city of Amarna, built by the Pharoah Akenaton 3,500 years earlier, the German archaeologist makes the find of the century: the colourful bust of Queen Nefertiti. The greatest attraction at the Egyptian Museum in Berlin is even today full of mystery. Her discoverer secured the unique treasure for Germany, but in Cairo he is still suspected of deceiving the Egyptians about the true value of the bust. In World War II, a legend came into being that Adolf Hitler commissioned a copy. Even the experts started to wonder whether it was the real Nefertiti or a fake that had been lost in the chaotic last few months of the war. Another secret was what lies hidden behind the mask of the queen and how the sculptor Thutmose created the “Mona Lisa in stone” in a dark hut made of clay. Renowned archaeologist Professor Barry Kemp has reconstructed the odyssey of the world-famous bust especially for this film. His expedition leads from the long-lost desert city of Amarna to the labyrinthine passages of a salt mine 600m beneath the earth, where the “most beautiful woman in the world” was hidden in the Second World War. In archives in Cairo and Berlin, Kemp follows Borchardt’s tracks and for the first time has access to the scientist’s personal records. Here made public for the first time, these documents provide the basis for tense, atmospheric dramatizations of the moment the bust was discovered and what really happened when the finds were divided up. They bring the fascinating personality of a man to life who studied the clans of forgers and their methods like a detective and who was the first to catalogue the treasures in the Egyptian Museum. For the first time, a film crew were allowed into the archaeologist’s villa on the Nile, where scenes from the life of Ludwig and Mimi Borchardt could be re-enacted with a high degree of authenticity. The highlight of the film is the examination of Nefertiti at the Imaging Science Center in Berlin: after months of preparation, the bust, whose value is put by insurers at $390m, undergoes a state-of-the-art X-ray scan which reveals the “second face” of Nefertiti, the limestone portrait of an older woman with wrinkled neck, hidden inside the perfect plaster bust. The true face of the legendary Queen of the Nile?


  • Nefertiti’s Odyssey
    Follow renowned archaeologist Prof Barry Kemp in examining the controversial bust of Queen Nefertiti. Is this the true face of the Nile Queen?
  • Nefertiti’s Odyssey
    Follow renowned archaeologist Prof Barry Kemp in examining the controversial bust of Queen Nefertiti. Is this the true face of the Nile Queen?

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