COMET seen by 3 Kings who predicted the birth of Xristos and brought gifts to his feet are the beginning of original nuclear explosion that occurred because the nucleus-atom of God was split in two… Nuclear winter followed as downfall of Xristos (see Tunguska Meteorite site mystery – this is where he fell…)

there is a pervert who insists that LIFE is just a Comet that passes swiftly… this spiritually-reflected Adam-of-his own snake-pinneal imagination is a painter who copies what he sees and then insists it is the only reality there is… this pervert infects Gods mind – he is a virus alike syphilis in 4-th stage, who refuses to give up belief that LIFE IS BEING AND TIME IS SPACE OF LIFE – BOTH ARE HEARTBEAT OF LIFE-GOD-DEATH – JUST LIKE OUR HEART BEATS WITH ALL THREE MEASURED…

look at what he calls Maitreya code of Modern Age – himself calling himself buddha maitreya from hollywood:


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