Missle M-51 and Orion ships

there is no need for US MIlitary to fire BIG Missiles M-51 to destroy Galaxy M-51 – it is enough for them to install small microchip in shape of a missile near The Heart Bone of Xristos and other members of the Family…

it is not necessary to have Orion Ships (crew of four always) to go to either explore or war against Orion – they are called Orion ships because men from Orion are imprisoned on them in space – i’ve seen one man being imprisoned on Orion ship by himself – and then i saw how his Heart was exploded from within by mini-nuclear bomb – the last to fly out was his Cherub…

  • Cherub
  • A cherub, also pl. cherubim, is a winged angelic being who are considered to attend on the Abrahamic God in biblical tradition.

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