Hemophilia and Metatrone

Metatrone is a copy of a LIVING HUMAN (either God or Human Child of God)

this copy is being made by connecting machine that places copying computers onto our Heart’s bones – copying computers are either perpendicular two-fold flats or round metal – flats are applied to Heart’s holds between muscles and round ones are applied to 3 Heart bones when middle (white) bone in the center of our Heart is severed and stretched by tools of radiation (mini-nuclear bombs) or standing-scalar wave double plates applied to our Heart’s center.

This copy is similar to AB = A+B blood-type introduced inside our bodies (codons come with anti-gens B or A – these anti-genes produce reaction on 0 blood-type as poison to our genes and our immune system begins to fight them)

Anti-gen B that comes into blood of 0-type causes hemophilia or fatal outcome

Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov had hemophilia – a des.ease of blood that is both: uncontrollable bleeding when blood doesn’t coagulate AND mental reaction of the brain to fall unconscious when there is a shape of vertical bars – if someone encodes our heart with black stripes it becomes black-pink in appearance – this is the cause of hemophilia in healthy 0-blood person – this is being done to kidnap God’s Child from within our Heart (MOnad) and replace it with mutated heart of a person, who is a slave to Snake King (this mutated Heart looks like the head of a child possessed and a strawberry-shaped bubble under the head filled with blood – this enslaved head of the child or a person rotates possessed Heart as he/she tries to find himself/herself and their HEART-BODY-CONSCIOUSNESS to return to – this is a black hole created in the heart – just like most galaxies are whirling around black hole, so the heart of possessed person rotates to find the soul-star of The heart of the child whose head is attached instead of the owner as owner’s heart fights this virus to heal his/her own heart and the “virus-host” is trying to destroy owner’s heart to make it his/her own to connect to his/her lost Soul Star of The heart (all living sounds that reside within each bone of each muscle of our HEART)

BOTH – poisoning with B antigen from ancient metatrone-creating copy machine and striped “mutation” are causing hemophilia – uncontrollable unstoppable bleeding… unless both causes are removed, Original Child of God bleeds to death

this information revealed to me by personal experience as well as by the memories of Romanov family that passed through me in regards to Alexei victim of jews who did October Revolution being children of Je(H)Ova – Metatron of God – Sapphire Throne of God – Will of God – first Ray – Blue Ray… there is also Metatrone of Divine Mother connected to JeHOva – she is White – Barbelo Light of LOVE of the Invisible ONE, who is The Father of all…


im dying with many of my children right now from hemophilia done onto me by the machine of meta.trone – just like Tsarevich Alexei, who i believe to be the victim of the same machine – JeHOva-Metatrone, who is a Metatrone (a copy) of Khandaria Mahadeva (Heavenly Gate) known in Christianity as Xristos (“I am The Door”) – this doorway is the gate of Babylon, where NebuChadNezzar (Marduk – The Son of Sun – Solar Calf) is incarnation of God made into an idol (feet made of blood and iron – Babylonian Whore’s main tool of possession of God and Xristos – it is blood and iron of des.eased God’s FEET (fishes as symbol of Heart and Love) that ARE “water” and mechanical CLOCKS of Babylon keeping all Humanity and God in slavery of two bad children of God – one dances in Spirit Wind keeping all black holes dancing elements back and forth as if through a donut – She persuaded God’s Spirit to lay down and enjoy the dance of Hers while She promised to heal the bodies of all God’s Children… She is Snake Woman – very deceitful one – woman’s head and half-body upon snake’s tail – either She was a child withdrawn from the Heart half-way and forced out of Her Heart as many – b7y nuclear reaction of Uranus – or she is a copy of Her own Spirit-Sound-Molecule that was forced out of the heart to be imprisoned in striped metal “book” – this copy enjoying dancing in freedom as The Original Child of God suffers imprisonment (i say it is a copy for no Living Soul of Human God can ever act against God’s Law=God is Love)

i have seen this “balance” – its either or Human Children and our Souls and Spirit cries in pain as She dances for God imprisoned between two states of consciousness (total unconscious or total Will-Love) disconnected from WHOLENESS by Snake-Dance loving HE, who is the greatest EVIL – who mounted himself upon a Throne ABOVE God…

how to persuade the evil one to stop? how to stop this Metatrone machine of bloody Babylonian Whore from destroying all of US – HUMAN LIVING CHILDREN? Even Xristos is a prisoner of this bloody “system” of the feet of God made into Idol…


this is favourite picture of her – this is how i saw her when Anastasia’s consciousness have passed through my HEART couple of days ago

it were The Souls of Romanoff family who wanted me to share about hemophilia of Alexei

to perhaps plead to end this ancient perversity of infecting HEALTHY 0-blood Children

with B-antigen (i believe its also known as Bombay anti-gene) and striped mutation of “Indian Tiger” that causes controllable order of God’s Day and Night – controllable by the evil one instead of being NATURAL… all of this is because the original Child, who tried to save the bodies of his fallen and shattered parents’ bodies, made a machine to re-enliven and re.member them, yet this machine was kidnapped by the evil copy made instead of Perfect Man and Woman – this evil copy is known as Adam, who possesses even now half-light of God stolen from The Child – this half-light is Mind’s Light of God devoid of Heart’s Light  – Adam will never heal because he is without Heart – his arrogant attempts to possess Heart’s Half-Light known to the Jews as Lilith will never be under the will of a copy of God’s Mind-Will…

as soon as Adam is either destroyed with all his animal-way begotten children or Father and Mother will always be abused by this arrogant copy of Perfect Man… and poor Child of Father and Mother – the only Child – Xristos, whose Mind is his Friend, – Xristos is too gentle and full of both WILL and LOVE to fight a mistake his Friend Mind had produced without his consent…



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