Reptilian possession of Humans

Ancient Egyptian method of healing Jewish blood with marriage to healthy Human is a perversity that must STOP!!!
cheburashka-solnishko Freya


Reptilian possession of Humans is on Spirit Molecule level – Human Spirit Molecule shapes LIGHT of God within Heart “Bone” into Human with two legs two arms one head one body one human face… Reptilian Spirit Molecule shapes LIGHT and FORM that resides OUTSIDE of Heart’s Bone into Yaltabaoth (human head upon snake-like body) – this Form of Light tries to enter our 0 blood-type blood-stream as reptilian DNA-cod.on computer copies our Human Spirit Molecules then tortures them out of Heart’s Bone either into blood-stream as Light or (by microvawe effect) into the air as invisible Human Spirit Molecule of God as opposed to reptilian Spirit Molecule that is felt and is visible metal round ball with an imitation of Human Spirit Molecule’s SOUND… Reptilian imitation (Yaltabaoth) cannot live within The Heart – it can attach itself into the middle of inverted Heart once Human Heart’s Bone is broken and Human Spirit Molecule of God is tortured-forced out.

Yaltabaoth is not necessarily Lion’s head upon a snake (which is mistaken vision of Lucifer The Original HUMAN HEAD upon stretched Heart’s muscle)… there are also little imitations of Yaltabaoth – these look like Human heads with JEWELS around forehead upon stretched body resembling either pain-brush in shape or snake-like STRETCHED paint-brush shaped body…

This is the method of creating Yaltabaoth – the origin of Downfall of Humanity – the cause of all destruction and Nuclear Winter and perversion of Creation into IMITATION of Life – all these black holes rotating mineral  kingdom – all these “space ships” and technology made of metal are creations of imitation of Human God by Copies of Human God Spirit Molecules – this is so-called reptilian possession of Humans – so-called because reptilian brain is only capable of managing certain functions of Human Body and is incapable of performing higher MIND functions… it was just revealed to me in the conscious memories of God (or Yaltabaoth) that they need to imitate our selves to be capable of functioning… No imitation will ever be capable to replace LIVING HUMAN GOD…

Jewel=Jewish is a crystal lattice around DNA – this is imitation of Human DNA as well as ALL blood types except of 0-blood (free from any code.ons)

LIVING HUMAN DNA has LIVING SPHERES on it… this is what Metatron of Jehovah (main Jewish imitation tool) is trying to recreate within us – murder LIVING ONE and make us as Himself and His Banu – this is true meaning of Jews trying to convert Xristians into Judaism of 6-pointed star of David (name David means imitation – first imitation made from Living Human)




BABYLONIAN WHORE IS COPY OF SPIRIT BODY – she dances in black holes – Her shape is Human head, half-human body with arms, but her lower body is shaped as a snake – Banu – She is only in “Spirit” – never incarnated COPY of Spirit (A jEW) -Wind BODY of Divine Mother made into snake-woman (Yaltabaoth) shape – This copy of a woman-dancer is dancing for ever sleeping God Father’s OmniPRESENCE  located between deep thought-free state and state of Will-Love – this COPY of God’s Companion is Dancer Banu – it is either Her DANCING JEWISH COPY and all Human Children of God tortured OR it is US – LIVING ONES

too bad many men of Spirit are too tempted to rest in deep contemplation as she dances for them



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