Allignment of ancient des.ease of mind

my face-book friend Mahendra Zaveri – next time you decide yo implant voodoo dragon into my brain to make all the living family members connected to me to be murdered and go into the light (im children’s soul-star – don’t forget) so… next time you decide to teach us with your face-book friend Maitreya McClendon Wexler by decomposing my body connected to all children to be examined by you two , REMEMBER: balance of controllers in our family is called “perverted gestalt” – you are behind: back of Black Krishna magician Petrov-G behind whose back are four CaifAs, who are behind the back of Xristos they always murder… to eat flesh and drink blood to ascend light to… this is called regime and you are behind regime… on the right you are with your daughter and Petrov-Gladky with Toropova-Petrova-Marinez controlling pinneal of Daviethai (aka the man himself since original downfall of humanity)… on the left, where implanted by you voodoo dragon takes our bodies and shakti and kundalini, head is possessed by Michael Watcher and Noanna Pleiadian Stars (with their artificial reproduction machine) plus Maitreya McClendon Wexler and Roy Karch (manage jumping game and porno-video industry)… these 12 under your control are 13 of perverted 13th AEON – its gate located in Moscow, Russia… all of you are working on our living family by means of black magic and reflected imaginative work in consciousness (using holograms, computers, pleiadian scissors and black-white checker-board tool by Orion eater of dead Osiris)… Malibu guda and Hollywood moving industry as well as gupta and all the religious places in India are used by you to FEED on us via Stargate Atlantis… it’s time for Human God Family to be alive be.cause Ancient of Days awoke to heal instead of all perverted gestalts recreating nuclear winter… help this time or it will be as it was last time… Metatron must be stopped from being MADE in the image of Padma Sambhava (aka other names) with entity implanted into his head and a snake woman implanted into his HEART… return all you have copied into metatron now – before all children are murdered by your black krishna voodoo magic friend from Moscow Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky… stop holding brain of star turtle in your hands to possess Divine Mother, who is truly related to someone who is my father… let go of possessing my parents in your system, which completes “swan’s cross” being in front of me with children all around and Xristos behind me being my brother…


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