“…Saturn’s magnificent ring system — a huge disc resembling an old gramophone record — turns out to share another property with the LP: it constantly emits a melodic series of musical notes. The surprising discovery was made by radio and plasma wave detectors on board the Cassini spacecraft as it passed over Saturn’s rings during its arrival at the planet in July…” HOW MANY KNOW THAT THIS GRAMMOPHONE DISC IS A SPECIAL DI.VICE USED TO PRESERVE SOUNDS OF CREATION MADE WHEN THERE WAS A DANGER OF NUCLEAR WINTER? FOR STUPID PEOPLE TO USE THESE ANCIENT TOOLS OF GODS IS TO REALLY WISH FOR NUCLEAR WINTER TO REPEAT BEFORE CREATION IS HEALED FROM THE PREVIOUS ONE – BIG BANG WAS CAUSED BY NUCLEAR EXPLOSION SET UP BY A WOMAN WHO WANTED GOD (BEING HUMAN MAN) TO BE HER HUSBAND SO SHE DECIDED TO MURDER HIS WIFE, HOWEVER IT ENDED UP IN NUCLEAR EXPLOSION… BIG BANG… NUCLEAR WINTER… HAVE YOU EVER READ FAIRY TALE “SNOW QUEEN”? IT IS ABOUT A WOMAN MURDERED IN THIS NUCLEAR EXPLOSION… BECOMING PILE OF NUCLEAR ASHES, WHICH ARE LIKE GLASS OF BURNED HUMAN FLESH… how do i know what it feels like? but it is my own body – my own organs that are being made glass-like to flake into what SOUNDS like… nuclear icicles… imagine that these “po.donki” are not even sorry or trying to fix the damage they’ve done before it is too late – two days ago someone experienced was already alarmed that what is being done to my family and i is done by ORIGINAL SADIST-WOMAN who is responsible for original BIG BANG… im not lying! im really afraid for all living now… if she is to rule over all again… these pictures below (planes of galaxies separated) IS THE COSMIC HOLOGRAPHIC GESTALT – IN CASE I WASN’T COMMUNICATING CLEARLY THE SCALE ON WHICH HOLOGRAPHIC GESTALT OPERATES BY MAKING ALL THOSE “GAMESTERS” USE EGYPTIAN TELEPHONE AND JUMP… CHOICE IS FREE… BUT ONLY FEW UNDER.STAND FROM JUMPING…



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