Berkana Vril Balder

The ultimate goal of evolving into a Vril Being is to manifest the Balder Force within you. As a Vril Being, you radiate this Balder Force…

May Berkana BE Vril with Balder Force within Berkana!

Baldr (also BalderBaldur) is a god in Norse mythology, and a son of the god Odin and the goddess Frigg. He has numerous brothers, such as Thorand Váli

…funny to know that i know Baldr as Jo DAE… Sweet HEART who WILL FREE Ansuz from Odin-created 6-legged wolf of Ragnarock (6-legged one held by 3 sons of Ansuz and possessed by Hyena-faced Archon of Yaltabaoth who intended to turn us all into worms…) – no luck to this archon of Yaltabaoth because what he sees as worm is a HEART of The Child flipped inside out of THE HEART of each one of us… The Child MUST BE INSIDE OUR HEART – this is to free Ansuz and his Child from Odin who is 1000 crows made from his 2 thoughts (ancient meaning of word “murder”)

File:Each arrow overshot his head by Elmer Boyd Smith.jpg

Each Arrow overshot his head by ElMer Boyd SMITH (agent “Smith”)


According to Gylfaginning, a book of Snorri Sturluson‘s Prose Edda, Baldr’s wife is Nanna and their son is Forseti (JoVE=JoAE=Presiding One) In Gylfaginning, Snorri relates that Baldr had the greatest ship ever built, named Hringhorni, and that there is no place more beautiful than his hall, Breidablik (this boat is known to Egyptians as The Boat with The Gods who travel IN IT between parallel planes using black holes of perverted Ma(bela)trix “phone”


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