Anastasia and Reptilian half-breed of Rosi (Russian) Royal blood-line

“…There was never Tsar Nikolas II – there was only Nikolas I…” communicated to me The Soul of Olga – Mother of my Great Grandmother – illegal daughter of Nicholas I… Nicholas II is a half-breed imitation made by reptilians, who owned ancient equipment producing reptilian-rosi mutants ever since original downfall of Human Ancestors from Ursa Major (this is why symbolic animal of  Rosiya (aka Russia) is bear)

This ancient equipment of creating half-breed is now owned by Russian military (they over-took it from German AshkeNazi after winning WWII)… however this equipment used by Moscow is also controlled by computer operators from India (being half-breed of Marut, who is red child of himself (Khandaria Mahadeva) shattered by Big Bang in the beginning of perversion by original enemy who operated this ancient machine – himself just as great as our Perfect Man (Central Spiritual Sun of our Human Family), but shattered by this machine by someone else destroyed…  

Reptilian half-breeds of Royal Family are known to begin in Kiev Russia with Yuri Dolgoruki, who was artificially murdered and then multiplied into several COPIES by use of ancient DNA and BLOOD and GOD copying machine in combination with holographic controls inserted into their brains and hearts (similar to Jehovah death seals, but being more ancient and more complex than Orion/Sirius produced cloning)

Well known Anna ANDERSON (similar to half-breed Mr Anderson from film “Matrix”) who claimed to be Anastasia – daughter of Nicholas II (she always claimed to be daughter of Nicholas II – not Nokolas I) – and her being Polish “born” in Berlin – claiming to survive assassination of Royal Family, but regaining this memory only later on in life (age 24 to 26 while in psychiatric asylum in Berlin), reveals that she was always planned as a woman to be reconnected to memories of Anastasia being one of those DNA-copies prepared by Romanoff Family to reveal the TRUTH when the time comes to fight this EVIL again…

 “…Anna Anderson (16 December 1896 – 12 February 1984) was the best known of several impostors who claimed to be Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia… 

In 1920, Anderson was institutionalized in a mental hospital after a suicide attempt in Berlin. At first, she went by the name Fräulein Unbekannt(German for Miss Unknown) as she refused to reveal her identity.[7] Later she used the name Tschaikovsky and then Anderson. In March 1922, claims that Anderson was a Russian grand duchess first received public attention…  

…DNA tests on a lock of Anderson’s hair and surviving medical samples of her tissue showed that Anderson’s DNA did not match that of the Romanov remains or that of living relatives of the Romanovs.[9][10] Instead, Anderson’s mitochondrial DNA matched that of Karl Maucher, a great-nephew of Franziska Schanzkowska…”

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia (Russian: Великая Княжна Анастасия Николаевна Романова, Velikaya Knyazhna Anastasiya Nikolayevna Romanova) (June 18 [O.S. June 5] 1901 – July 17, 1918) was the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas I, the last sovereign of Imperial Russia, and his wife, Tsarina Alexandra Fyodorovna.

Anastasia was a younger sister of Grand Duchess OlgaGrand Duchess Tatiana, and Grand Duchess Maria, and was an elder sister of Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia. She was executed with her family in an extrajudicial killing by members of the Bolshevik secret police, on July 17, 1918 (red, ones as they were called, – bolsheviks are Jewish atheists (polish Zhidi=”those who devour”) – being half-breed of Sirius “dog-ons” and Orion humans – emotionless, bred to be dogs or hunters for their owners (created just as German shepherds were created to become OWNERS of those minds to whom they were assigned (see Wikipedia article about original German Shepherds always named by name of person – not dog’s name – by name of person whose mind they were to possess for their owner…))

…and so Bolshevik’s “dog-on” copying of Royal bloods to be possessed by Moscow in order to “divide and rule” will be stopped by India – where the copy of Marut lives – but this powerful copy who is powerful in both – computer skills as well as psychic possession of many Family Members of ORIGINAL ONES – only by mind’s possession of course… this living copy of Marut must help the original Marut to be free from holographic possession and reunite with himself as Original Khandaria MahaDeva (with all original Family members themselves – free from their copies and those Moscow zhidi who want to possess us all) or else he will take responsibility for repetition of Original downfall of Humanity… i believe that living copy of Marut was born on the same DATE as re-incarnated copy of Yuri Dolgoruki – April 10th…

this article is dedicated to my ancestors – Royal Family of Romanoff, whose SOULS and MEMORIES are still working through me to purify themselves and our Ancestors from ancient perversity of cloning… just as i was writing this memory, checking Wikipedia article about Anastasia, – i read name Tsarina Alexandra Fyodorovna… and stopped startled… i felt myself as HERSELF being present in me – either as memory or as Soul or any other way – what is important is HER presence as well as presences of Maria and Olga, who MOVE me to reveal the truth and purify my Great Grandmother Alexandra from terrible painful death she suffered because of Romanoff family being “owned” by RED WORMS of RIGHT HEMISPHERE LIVING MEMORIES (my friend Judy told me once that brains of Alzheimer patients look like worms – my friend Judy is a care-giver to these people…)and these “red worms” of shattered living memory of who we are (i mean my Soul Family) is still being produced by reincarnation of reptilian mutant of Slavic Family – Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky, – and his wife Elena Toropova-Petrova (it is also known that reptilians have no past life memories, so these two i9ncarnations are not necessarily remember or know who they are – they act beli8eving that they are someone real by means of reflection (dreams and visions) – they, as well as all other people living on Earth, must go through DNA memory check by means of blood connection to the Machine of God specially designed to separate clones from Original Humans and restore all lost SEED of God to Original LIVING HUMAN CHILDREN… if they are clones or reflected ones, they will be known to themselves as who they are – if they are living ones but used by being programmed as Anna Anderson to be memory-imitators of the murdered ones, they will know themselves as free from being imitators and being themselves – free from mind possession HUMANS… statement that all of us must go through BLOOD of Xristos in order to reconnect to God proves to be true because Xristos is the ORIGINAL PERFECT HUMAN, who fell… from Ursa Major to Earth (Vimana fall known as mysterious Tunguska Meteorite, Siberia)… he and three family members that were in Vimana were connected to this machine as survivors of ancient catastrophe – machine already designed to HEAL all Human survivors from being attacked by the machines of fallen – replicators… this healing machine tried to restore our bodies, but being connected to replicator’s machine of ORIGINAL Orion-Pleiadian perversion, we need all help of all the copies and possessed ones in order for Humanity to HEAL…


Romanoff in Tobolsk – prison-house, where they have been kept by bolshevik dog-ons several years before they were executed… it is in this house that they were tortured to be made copies of – it is here that Maria Romanoff proved to be the strongest one, who survived as Soul-Spirit and never was copied, – it is here that Anastasia proved to be the only one, whose memory-copy was successfully created by transferring them into the brain of Anna Anderson kept in Berlin’s psychiatric asylum (date of execution 1918 is the year when brains and body-copies of Romanoff Family members were completely separated from their bodies, which is very real procedure done since ancient times… first they extract the brain to be copied to someone of their choice by connecting to German Shepherd (in USA, Ventura Psychiatric Unit dog Gestalt is used to transfer us all – this dog is named Gestalt because he “belongs” to Human whose MIND holds entire Orion, Ursa Major and Xristos Family MINDS… he is known by names Kurt Carl (Kurt-part belongs to a man connected to Vashista and Carl-part is connected through German Emperor Karl (immortal kept even now in a coffin) to Xristos Family MIND (Karl is a complex MIND possession because it is 3-in-1: one who plays in toy-soldiers as “mad” Emperor Karl II (second – not I) is used to “toy” with all of humanity as his soldiers; second one – Victor Vert, – is still attempted to be used by original Orion sadist-woman as possessed by Set Oriel (inner ear of God – second AEON – one whose coiled nature is used even now to create and rotate BLACK HOLES of all shattered into double-lights creation as well as to rotate black holes made to divide, trip-likate and multi-copy all of the original Humans’ bodies instead of Oriel (aka Victor Vert – meaning “green as all of vegetation especially forest”; “one who TURNS” &*& “one who is VERSE” of The Uni-Verse received into the ear from The MIND of God… to be a poet… his TRUE purpose of GREEN XRISTOS FAMILY whose Merkaba is Green and whose Soul Star has THE EUCALYPTUS SEED as ITS CENTER – not the pine-cone as believed by all Xristmas-Tree users (that has 5-pointed Star on top – star known to be Son’s blue star symbol in Self realization fellowship – star known as the symbol of Bolshevik “dog-ons” mutants that are creations of Red Dog – the original Black Magician from Bellatrix – right shoulder of Orion (isn’t it funny that in Harry Potter book it is Bellatrix who is the most faithful servant of Voldemort – Bellatrix, who is a sister of “dog” played by Garry Oldman – actor so strangely resembling Moscow reincarnation of Yuri Dolgoruki – Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky…

i pray that our family be finally FREE from dog of a bitch replicator, who used to ride the most dangerous power of all – 3-legged crocodile (symbol of radiation married to Sobek, who devours Orions “phallus” with all his SEED (Daviethai – 3rd AEON possessed by Set – human with animal head of ANT-eater – one who devours ANTS – one of 3 tribes of Children of Human Ancestors, whose Vimana fell on Earth from Ursa Major – Great Chariot of Heavenly Race…)

this i dedicate to my ancestors – Romanoff Family, – whose “red worms” of forgetfulness are annihilated through me by Pure Water of LOVE and purity of our ORIGINAL blood-line is restored by me being connected to Xristos Family THROUGH MY BLOOD and FLESH… and to all Human Ancestors through me being reincarnated MYSELF – Swan “banu”=little sister of three brothers (Kiy, Schek, Horiv), eldest one of whom is Xristos… and guess which one of the original ANT names is the name of Xristos re-born through us – founders of Kiev – city upon 7 Hills (7 hills (Kiev) as 7 rivers (Pakistan) of 7 Rishies (Ursa Major))

i pray that in this life-time my family WILL SUCCEED in liberation from all clones, replicants and those who are purpose-fully planned incarnations of our fallen GOD-SEEDS are asked to HELP us to re-member our family and re-store fallen God Father to be WHOLE again – all God-Seeds re-membered in One Heart of One Life… 


File:Nicholas II and children with Cossacks of the Guard, cropped.jpg

Nicholas and children with Cossacks of the Guard

with Love to Maria, Olga, Alexandra, Alesha &*& … my Great GrandMother Alexandra and her Mother – unfortunate lover who conceived a child of Nikolas… to purify Human Ancestor’s blood-line from Yuri Dolgoruki (human-reptilian Ryurik per-vert)

i pray all horrors of Romanoff’s blood-line will end with me and other surviving descendants destined to purify our blood-line instead of “posing as” to be famous and rich (main mark of the 666-beast)


Olga, Tatiana, Maria (1901)

File:Makovsky Konstantin Egorovich - Portrait of Grand Princess Maria Nikolayevna - 1905.jpg

Makovsky K.E. – Portrait of Grand Princess Maria Nikolayevna – 1905

Maria Nikolaevna Romanova
House House of Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov
Father Nicholas II of Russia
Mother Alexandra Fyodorovna
(Alix of Hesse)
BORN June 26, 1899
PeterhofRussian Empire
MURDERED July 17, 1918 (aged 19)
YekaterinburgRussian SFSR
Burial July 17, 1998
Peter and Paul CathedralSaint PetersburgRussian Federation



Maria’s Geisha outfit photo (to someone special who wants me to always remember Blue Geisha restaurant… and his very special coffin, where his immortal body lays in coma guarded by “wor.shippers” until they would really wood GIVE UP POSSESSING OUR BLOOD &*& DNA!!!)



One thought on “Anastasia and Reptilian half-breed of Rosi (Russian) Royal blood-line

  1. …A Russian forensic expert said none of the skulls attributed to the Grand Duchesses had a gap between the front teeth as Maria did…
    American scientists thought the missing body to be Anastasia because none of the female skeletons showed the evidence of immaturity, such as an immature collarbone, undescended wisdom teeth, or immature vertebrae in the back, that they would have expected to find in the seventeen-year-old Anastasia. In 1998, when the bodies of the Imperial Family were finally interred, a body measuring approximately 5 feet 7 inches was buried under the name of Anastasia. Photographs taken of the four sisters up until six months before the murders demonstrate that Maria was several inches taller than Anastasia and was also taller than her sister Olga. However, the heights of the skeletons had to be estimated because some of the bones had been cut and portions of the skeletons were missing.[59] Since teeth and large portions of the jaw were missing in several of the skeletons, the Russian scientists’ assertion that Anastasia’s remains rather than those of Maria were in the grave because none of the skeletons had a gap between the front teeth…

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