Stibium or AntiMony…

Сурьма́ (лат. Stibium; обозначается символом Sbхимический элемент 15-й группы (по устаревшей классификации — главной подгруппы пятой группы) пятого периода периодической системы химических элементов Д. И. Менделеева; имеет атомный номер 51. Простое вещество сурьма (CAS-номер7440-36-0) — полуметалл серебристо-белого цвета с синеватым оттенком, грубозернистого строения. Известны четыре металлических аллотропных модификаций сурьмы, существующих при различных давлениях, и три аморфные модификации (взрывчатая, чёрная и жёлтая сурьма)[2].

Stibium or Anti.Mony… AntiMani… and other types of host.ile to gold (which is the colour of true mon.ey – our free from codons O blood of XO blood-line)

Antimony also is used in the making of bullets and bullet tracers.[73] This element is also used in traditional cosmetics,[74][75] event paint and glass art crafts. An application as an opacifier inenamel declined in use after the 1930s, after several intoxications were reported.[67][76]

be careful women what you use to underline your eyes with…

An unshaded circle surmounted by a cross.

The ancient words for antimony mostly have, as their chief meaning, kohl, the sulfide of antimony. Pliny the Elder, however, distinguishes between male and female forms of antimony; the male form is probably the sulfide, while the female form, which is superior, heavier, and less friable, has been suspected to be native metallic antimony.[26]

The Egyptians called antimony mśDMT; in hieroglyphs, the vowels are uncertain, but there is an Arabic tradition that the word is ميسديميت mesdemet.[27][28] The Greek word, στίμμι stimmi, is probably a loan word from Arabic or Egyptian sdm

G17 F21

Another popular etymology is the hypothetical Greek word ἀντίμόνος antimonos, “against aloneness”, explained as “not found as metal”, or “not found unalloyed”…


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