change of blood type

attention original genetic manipulators Noanna Pleiadian Stars, Michael Watcher (in his french castle  and Mahendra Zaveri to refresh past life memories of how 0 blood type is artificially turned into AB blood type by using dna-like implanted programs that connect to our dna and blood cells making free of codons 0 blood cell into square-and-sphere codons imprisoned blood that is the most subservient to the system… this code just stopped running in my body showing xrossed out XO now equaling to AB… good thing im still alive and 0 blood type to override perversion so ancient i never knew it is done on living people… turning Khandaria Mahadeva, Xristos, Marduk and others of XO blood into AshkeNazi…

introducing program of AB blood codones makes my body infected as if i have living donor of wrong blood type



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