Year of Blue Wooden Horse

There is a man from Venus who is a military man turned into a slave of Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky very long time ago – ever since this Venusian became supervisor of all continents on Earth – his Venusian House turned into playground of Moscow criminals who are part of Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky’s MIND and Soul – he is reincarnation of Yuri Dogoruky – famous for building city of Moscow and dividing all the tribes of Human Ancestors as well as author of the concept “divide and rule”… When i visited Venusian consciousness i saw this military Venusian man being turned into a wooden soldier in blue uniform riding wooden toy horse… Chinese astrologers are very bright in-deed… 

Thanks all the Family that at least the consciousness of The Child of this man is FREE from possession and already dressed into white shirt… the most silent Child of all – even when he was murdered he was silent…


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