Murder of God – method

Metal mini-scalar-atanding wave plates are forsefully placed into the center as middle connecting muscles of our Heart and Spine are cut but as raisors forst, then they torture God within these round Houses located in white connecting muscles legaments… last Microvawes applied to the plates so that these nearly cut in two central Round Houses of God and God’s Children are popping to the size of balloons until their membrane is tiny enough to pop and let the God and God’s Children living within us to become just a puff of air, light particles with murdered Sound each Child of God has… for this purpose Heart’s and other organs muscles are turned inside out and disconnected… our nervous system is macrovaved first to stop our body’s natural sesnsetivity that can protect God within our heart from being murdered…

tessuto_muscolare microscopic-anatomy-of-cardiac-muscle-sarcolemma-fasciae-adherens-intercalated-discs-gap-junctions-t-tubules child of the heart heart muscles heart muscle knot


cardiac muscle child of the heart Heart-Cut-2 intrinsic_cardiac_conduction1310601435396 microscopic-anatomy-of-cardiac-muscle-sarcolemma-fasciae-adherens-intercalated-discs-gap-junctions-t-tubules relaxed muscles dmt venture molecule creation heart turned inside out thymus thymus-heart-thyroid 131261924_virgin-mary-and-child-jesus-sterling-gold-locket-medal- JESUS XRISTON BY AKIANE KRAMARIK sm-chsoc63 Beauty Gaia3El glossaryyaldabaoth Mama with The Egg our_lady_of_pompei child of the ear


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