Doctor Faust was so obsessed to stand within the circle and know God as a dot, that Mephistopheles easily murdered him by playing on his weaknesses – being alchemist, looking for dot in a circle, wanting to love a woman who was more great than Gretchen… and so Faust lost his inner Child of The Heart believing he made artificial Human Being Homunculus who can travel in Divine realms instead of him… and so Faust lost Gretchen yet he fell in love with Helen of Troy – the bride from Hell because all men want her being charmed by jealousy of Zues’s Psyche we know as HeRa… Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Alkaid, Atilla, Lyra, Uranus, Lady of The Lake, Lady of The Heaven, Gaia, Greeks, Trojans, Orth… Zeus being Uranus transformed… because of the original scorching of the sky by mechanical universe… This morning i passed through Uranus memories – he never ate his children they made with Gaia – he remade his children as his enemy murdered them… This morning Gaia forgave Uranus – the love i felt… (&*&) … now all mythology about children of Uranus murdering their fathers they hated for murdering them is clarified as Uranus being simply transformed into lesser and lesser Himself as Gaia was also transformed into lesser and lesser Herself by the enemy who des.troy.ed them using nuclear warfare and metal arresting their Spirit Molecules inside Heart’s Muscle… those who fight this EVE.ILL (and her son Set) are attacked to be destroyed so that confusion and lies rule divided Humanity and  our Soul Stars… main servants of EVE.ILL and Set are Azmodn, Mephistopheles and Belial – lies, confusion and no mercy… this morning my roommate’s’s hand have reached to me and grabbed my left leg with a motion resembling three-clawed hand of Mephistopheles… thre-fingered hand is explained by him being perverted in flesh and light and spirit – ring and baby fingers are always cut to be used by snake woman (baby fingers) and controller (ring fingers – second husband so to speak)… the one who is murdered or controlled always feels these two fingers numb… as three others are manipulated by controller’s slaves (usually through being connected to his computer by connecting their nervous system and brain… this (about how our fingers are manipulated) was revealed to me by someone who pushes those computer bottons to move the fingers (those who are members of Illuminaty, have very specific rings on their baby and ring fingers… and this is the mark of what their fingers do for the controller)

When the snake-king and his wife will stop possessing God’s Kitchen they took by force, Humanity will be free to be ALIVE again… this kitchen resembles twisted metal PIPE made into likeness of intestines… PIPE is ONE, but coiled – if gods can pass through their own twisted pipe, they will be free again to make it straight horizontal of The Way (The Road, The Ray) of Heart of One Life they came from… before they were collapsed into “under-way” twistedness… can this One Pipe be related to Oriel (Ear) and ancient des.ease of murdering The King through LEFT ORIEL?

The Children of The heart, The Children of The Oriel, The Children of The Brain, The Children of The Muscles – all God’s Children are murdered in order for snake-king and his wife to destroy and be free above all as spirit wind and bathed on her dancing spirit thief adorned into the light of another…

1_Laser-Etchings-by-Jason-Thielke-500x664 04-richard-teschner_900 Aquilla-Marcus Avrelius blasphemy_by_mrsoles-d32h4s7 child of the ear child of the heart children separated from hearts and skinned Faust_image_19thcentury heart 4 ribs and breat plate homunculus_by_mrsoles-d324stw images (1) Necromancer_by_MrSoles TESOnlineIcon The_Serpent_Stone



controller’s rings: notice skull on black man’s right and snake ring on woman’s left baby fingers…

illuminati-rings1 snake-women use baby finguer


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