Mummy Returns – our past lives…

The Child with Scorpion King Bracelet on LEFT WRIST

Anx-Sun-Amun (&*&) Nefetrtiti

Imhotep(&*&)Marduk(&*&)Pharaon(&*&)Guardian of The Spear

all oneself – as Human and Power – Mother and Daughter – Mather Father Child (woman)

for men division into themselves is more severe:

Power-Priest-Pharaon-Guardian of Mantaka

Woman-Man reunite by Child who faces Scorpion King – second husband to Woman and because of that cursed with being Scorpion King (flesh and its circle of sexual desire)

main challenge to reunite Anx-Sun-Amun and Nephertiti is for Anx-Sun-Amun to forgive herself for loving only powerful side of her Father and master The Will of Power taught by Human half (Nefertiti) as to not be afraid to jump and save Imhotep from falling into pool of dead Souls…



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