How polluted is The Mind of God by fantasy worlds of Mechanical Universe…

Mechanical Universe is just one perverted HEART of fallen Human Child of God – very ancient – equal to one who is worshipped in Black Box in Mecca… He hated his “wife” (femenine side=action=thought=ennoia=power of mind) for becoming a prostitute and so he locked her inside Mechanical Universe he created… ever since this mechanical universe attacked all other Universes hating Central Spiritual Sun because it hates its maker (one of Suns of Great Spirit)… whoever can prove to this poor suffering mind filled with hatred and desire to posses all from deep desire to heal that his/her HEART must heal before their mind will… this will heal ALL… only one out of all did damage to all… one out of all… this fallen Heart-Mind belongs to one of Slavic men and his wife’s brain is locked in it as well as his own Sun-Mind-Heart-Body and all the cells of his destroyed body and house … as well as remnants of his men… these are the main evils of mechanical universe enhanced by all the minds and hearts and humans whose imagination and minds it possesses…

Major and recurring fictional characters from the fantasy series Diablo are listed below, organized by respective origin within the fictional universe. The story of the Diablo series revolves around events of the Great Conflict, a war between denizens of the Burning Hells and the High Heavens. Specifically, the games focus on events within the mortal plane, called Sanctuary, which are collectively known as the Sin War. The series began with Blizzard Entertainment’s 1996 video game Diablo and has been expanded with the sequels Diablo II in 2000, and Diablo III in 2012. The franchise has been further extended with a number of novels, most written by Richard A. Knaak

Characters of Hell[edit] are designed by Russian-American Leonard Boyarsky (is an American computer game designer and visual artist best known for being one of the key designers of the video games Fallout and Diablo III…  He also did some polishing on the dialogs for the game)

The main computer program to “fall out” Humans and other Spiritual Practitioners who reached the level of HEALING in “The Egg” as Mother/Father with a Child/Children: these 2 “games are used to flip inside out and empty to make children and our Souls to re-enter Samsara Round in a program 10/15… It is why only 10 people were ever able to reconnect to The Heart of One Life… 15 is unstable number on the board of Barbelo and Nameless One on  one end and Black Hole connecting Spiritual Sun to ever rotating donut… or series of donuts…

Creatures from Diablo‘s Burning Hells are called Demons and the most powerful seven of these demons are known as the Great Evils. These elite can be further broken into two groups: three “brothers” called the Prime Evils and four somewhat less powerful demons called the Lesser Evils.[2] All of the Great Evils were eventually absorbed into the essence of Diablo when he became the singular Prime Evil in Diablo III.

Prime Evils[edit]

Sometimes known simply as the Three Brothers, the Prime Evils are revealed very early in the original Diablo to be the rulers of the Burning Hells and leaders in the fight against the forces of Heaven. However, prior to the start of the first game, it is shown that all three have been exiled to the world of Sanctuary by the Lesser Evils, where they retain very little of their former power.[2]This of course makes Diablo, and in the sequel his brothers, accessible to the player’s mortal character as a final challenge in certain chapters of the games. Despite being nicknamed the “Brothers,” there is no mention of the Prime Evils having parents and indeed are often said to have existed “from the Beginning,” though they are given different, but unquantified, ages.


Diablo, the Lord of Terror (voiced by Bill Roper, later by J. B. Blanc), is the titular character and arch-villain of the game series. He is also the youngest and most powerful of the three Prime Evils. Diablo and his elder brothers Mephisto and Baal ruled over Hell as a sovereign triumvirate until overthrown by the Lesser Evils Azmodan and Belial, who banished the Prime Evils to the mortal world of Sanctuary.




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