Trepanation (also known as trephiningtrephinning, or trepanning) involves an intentional and planned operation to open or bore into the skull on a live subject, using tools specifically designed for the purpose. This can be accomplished by several techniques, such as drilling, incising and abrasion, or some combination of these. The purpose of such operations ranges from the medicinal (intended to relieve pressure, or address a number of other ailments) to the ritualised and experimental.

In pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, evidence for the practice of trepanation and an assortment of other cranial deformation techniques comes from a variety of sources, including physical cranial remains of pre-Columbian burials, allusions in iconographic artworks and reports from the post-conquest period.



instrument used for trepanation (in my case it is connected by heart muscles being supplied with little metal boxes that open and let little “bombs” to burr these holes in my scull)

this is done to me to disconnect nervous system and to mess up my brain enough so that my body is hollow enough to pass through and murder entire family including many children an god and three sons of god – my brothers – it is our own family’s hearts that have been programmed two years ago by computer team of about 30 men – some hearts are equipped with scalar-standing wave metal plates that make our tissue pop like ballons – all of this radio operated – when i speak or do something, these people cannot talk on the phones implanted into our hearts as well – then speaking disguise stops and i feel what is really happening to my body – these criminals are known to do this to possess ships, ancient computers and all mechanical di-vices of the ancients – this is being headed by woman’s brain who is possessive and absolutely limited in her brain function – she possesses many minds, yet all her brain is capable of doing is to manipulate murder and to use people of this planet as her slaves




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