JeHova and Picachu

The 7 Jehovian Seals are actually seven anchoring rods, placed in Earth’s planetary shields specifically on one vertical column, horizontally across from certain natural configurations in Earth’s grids called Star Crystal Seals.  The Seven Unnatural Jehovian Seals are all positioned along axiatonal line 7, and connect to a secondary set of seven artificial Jehovian Seals that are placed within the natural Seed Seals of Earth’s seven primary vortices…

The 7 Jehovian Seals that hold the 7 “Angels” were placed in correspondence to 7 of Earth’s natural Star Crystal Seals. During a Stellar Activation Cycle, the “Seven Unholy Jehovian Angels” were intended to sequentially activate in response to NATURAL activation of seven of the 12 natural Earth seals. The purpose of these unnatural Jehovian Seals is to drag Earth and all of its life forms into the Phantom Matrix. The Phantom Matrix is a slow-acting blackhole system referred to in the Bible as the “bottomless pit”, Hell and Hades…

The basic understanding is this – if someone does something to the Earth’s grids, then they are doing the same thing to everyone’s personal grids, DNA templates, chakra systems, etc. So if you poke holes in the Earth’s grids, you are poking holes in everyone’s personal energy grids as well. Since the 7 Jehovian Seals exist in the Earth’s grids, we “inherit” these into our own grids. So everyone on Earth has these 7 J-seals in their bodies. There have been many, many cataclysms in Earth’s history that have affected us, and this is what has reduced our life span, brain function, and spiritual awareness…

The reality of planetary and personal grid physics that we currently face can be best understood by decoding portions of the Biblical Revelations story – the truths and the contrived agendas hidden within this Jehovian written intended dominion schedule. It is important to understand the real meaning of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” , the “Seven Seals”, and the “Seven Angels with Seven Trumpets”…

and I watched the Lamb open the first of Seven Seals…and behold a White Horse, its rider held a bow (refers to Sagitarius constellation, Lagoon-”Hourglass Nebula) and he was given a crown (Nebula double halo) and he rode out…to conquer.” And the Lamb opened the Second Seal….and behold a Red Horse, ….its rider given the power to take peace from the Earth and to make men slay each other; and he was given a mighty sword (swords in the Bible refer to specific photo-radionic light frequencies). And the Lamb opened the Third Seal…. and behold a Black Horse, its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand (refers to the Libra constellation and symbolically to the “weighing of Earth’s frequencies”….When the Lamb opened the Fourth Seal….. and behold a Pale Horse…..its rider was named Death, and Hell (the “Pit” of the Phantom Matrix Black Hole System) followed close behind. They were given the power over the 4th part of the Earth (refers to the Dimension 4 Astral Plane of Earth’s planetary anatomy) to kill by sword, famine, and plague and by the wild beasts of the Earth…..When the Sixth Seal opened there was a great Earthquake, the sun turned black,…the moon turned red… (all of this is done by FALSE Lamb who is a “wolf” of A Hyena (one of Archons of Yaltabaoth), WHO HOLDS MANY HEARTS OF DIVINE MOTHERS AND BRAKES THEM)

 The Seventh Seal promised to set loose the “Seven Angels with Seven Trumpets, and by the time the “Third Angel sounds the Third Trumpet”, “a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on the third part of the rivers (refers to DAVIETHAI – 3RD AEON and the seed of Daviethai possessed by SET (reflected Set – 3rd perversion into reflected is holographic implants to save the memory of God after original damage was unsuccessfully repaired by white-black 2nd perversion of NATURE and WEATHER GODS)… and the name of the star was Wormwood… (Wormwood refers to the Nibiruian Annunaki Battlestar “Wormwood”, which the Jehovian Annunaki (the scribes=w/b 2 dogs=dog-on related to Sirius B, whereas Sirius A is related to Jehova) …intented to “knock out of the sky” with their unholy 7 “Trumpets” (related to Set possessing 2nd AEON ORIEL – THE EAR OF GOD)…

It is very important to know that GAIA3EL awoke LAST, when most of the living were already perverted by the seals, so that all the perverted ones would assist in perversion of Gaia to transfer Her under control of Set (his 13th GATE of Hell is located in Moscow ever since the most ancient enemy of Gaia is Yuri Dologorukiy, whose blood and DNA are “to divide and conquer and possess” are incarnation of Archons of his own Yaltabaoth (very bad neighbor whose “Black Box” was emptied by his ENNOIA (Duma=Thought) and even knowing his Ennoia is responsible for emptying our Universe of LIFE, he would step out and leave his Ennoia emptying our HOUSE for him to heal and be full house a.gain – this is the beginning of “be yourself until you are full and then be emptied and become someone else – this is the origin of bloody river of Babylonian Water Clock and Mechanical Babylonian Clock that “mill” Humans of our Universe into parts… This Hyena in lamb’s skin is a rider of white horse of perverted Kalki Avatar of his own and his 14th hell is perverted by many severed heads Heart of Maitreya Buddha, whom he surrounds with many women-prostitutes, who wear high hills and are artists learning how to paint… in blood… and how to sculpt… in broken bones and grinded meat…) 

The Jehovians knew that the “Horsemen” would bring death and destruction, just as the Jehovian Annunaki intended them to do so (actually these two dogs are incarnated presently as two women – slaves of the pervert of 13th gate of Hell – one is Scottish-American and another one is Russian-born “German”, who is the Wandering Jew and Babylonian Whore – both women-dogs-slaves are known to me and it is their HEADS and PRIDE he uses and his anger makes them obey and this false “lamb” is actually incarnated under sign of Aries in the year of the Horse)…

“be still and know that i am” is false attitude when dealing with Jehovian Seals – we must DO for it is Living God who have made a House within our Heart and we must do everything possible to protect THE GIFT – the little Child of the big FatherMother




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