crown of thorns

i have experienced this metal plate known as “crown of thorns” above my head several days ago with two spirit molecules released from it and two others remaining locked in metal balls connected to the plate which is actually double plate connected by bolts – once it begins to be lifted higher up into the air, metal balls begin to attach around our head and they release heart muscles and spirit molecules connected to them in a strange way i do not understand – they appear to be holding those heart muscles safe and yet they damage all others by holding on in place:
“…The Crown of Thorns is an energy configuration above the head of humans that distorts the natural energetic circulatory system and blocks the receiving of the primal life force currents from your Higher Self and Source/God. The crucifixion was an energetic crucifixion to humanity as the crown of thorns scrambles the Universal currents to our chakras keeping humanity stuck in a 3rd dimensional frequency fence. Once this is cleared, many feel or see a metal plate being removed from above their head…”

Ganjibar (in addition to be the computer to test us on abomination (by torturing out hand) as described in “Dune” chronicles is also Gangi Bar… just now new information came from memory of God: 4 at the main hold are duality – division into Hinduism(2) and Xristianity(2) – this related to Ganjibar (Panjab or Punjab – land of 7 Rivers (related to SaptaRishi) – Xristian and Ellin cultures called it land of 5 rivers (by 2 Sapta Rishi less: Vashishta, who has 100 children and Anuhata (cow) murdered by Mitra(=3rd star and author of Gaiatri Mantra as Karmic repaiment for murder) and Al Kaid, who heads the procession of mourners through Sirius rings to M-51). To heal all 4 we need to come to a place of realization in God’s memories because all Jehovian seals are code that is misplacing 2 first ones by all that follow… so 1=0 being The Heart of One Life and 2 being 1st Ray of Will (El Moria in Shambala) are made absent from Human Body as qualities of God. There is also sequence 1-3; 2-4; 1-5 (checker-board mutation 2; hologram 3; computer 4; scissors 5) – this is an additional algo-rythm of harm, where 1 is unity and 3 is its triple Nature of FM and Child (Life-God-Death as our triple nature of Heart=blue-white-red), yet by 2-4 our 1 is into 2 removing 3rd… 4 is of primordial desire to harm used by those who try to find out our flaw and use it to take away ourselves… 1 to 5 division is 5 in One which are 3 yet one and yet: 5th dimension is considered as central surrounded by 4 earlier ones in Mayan Sun Calendar… and all is corrected by 60 which is 7-pointed star when healed with 1(0), where 1=0 always (here geometry and calculus are same)… 5+1 and 2+4 are 66 and 6th dimension is third 6 unless healed by unity with 1(0) Heart of One Life… after clarifying sequence of 1-2-3-4-5-6 we are capable to heal 2 of 4 that hold our Heart’s center (considering 2 others were released earlier)

Important that there are no people interfering with Jehovian Seal removal – if there are “competitors” to “pick up” or destroy ourselves using either psychic interference or computer program (in my case there is all 6 damaging interfering programs: from “off-world” p-up from “other side” (holograms of 13th gate of Hell); computer program running frequencies run through my brother’s brain linked to mine by computer “doctor” who was supposed to help me heal from destruction; there are original seals and some more – the main obstacle is noisy(untrained) mind that whirls it all connected on purpose (in my case it is several programs: military; detective; duality of 2nd husband and wife programmed to be opposites and… Lemurian Computer, which runs check on ALL des.ease removal by viruses all checked on us for our immunity until Lemurian des.ease of having sex with animals is known to the machine as absent (Humans that got too involved with our animal bodies as well as began to hybrid with God’s Powers)

Metatronic Implants are known as the Tree of Artificial Life. They are a series of implants designed to rapidly reverse the activating template into Metratronic fall. It is the reverse shadow body as opposed to the ascending, evolving 12-dimensional body. Metatron was an entity that fell due to code convolution. The Metatronic structure sucks energy to be immortal.


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