Child’s Play

and a child was left without MaTher

and the child was a child of a pine cone

and a child wanted his lost MaTher’s Mind to be alive again

and the child stole…

and it is the first theft of Mind’s Children known to me

theft of The Living Children of The Mind

and this is the first theft of The Mind known to me

as The Mind and The Heart of mine be.came separated for the de.sire of Motherless child was great

and this Motherless child is the creator of all reflected ones…

and a child from whom The Mind’s half was stolen

became perpetual rebel without a cause…

and all of this started a war

within God’s Heart

so less by One and Only Child’s Heart of God’s Heart

and God was moved by the cries of pain and sadness of One and Only Child

and because of this murder Perfection was separated in two –

one became The Mind of Father-Mother

one was left as The Heart of Mother-Father at The Source

and because the child chose Imagination and The Mind

there is very little left of The Heart…

as Master Almine wrote – only 9 are connected to The Heart – those who were able to reconnect by 2006…

and The Child created Universe and Archons

and this had taken Child’s half-light…

and because it is just one Child of God’s Mind

The Mind became dark with many The Child created

and The Heart became one half-light less Love and Light than before…

and One God have died

and the reflected – created by The Child man, – became

and little by little arrogance overtook The Child for The Child didn’t know other God but themself as the sole creator-creatrix of all that they created…

and when Perfect man came to save The Child from its darkness of the fallen Mind

reflected man had taken over for he is arrogant upon the throne…

and when reflected creation in a form of reflected man and his rib took possession of Perfect Man, it wanted to take possession of The Heart as well… and this started even greater war for reflected created man and his rib THOUGHT that they are the only ones worthy of being the ones above all – they thought so because The Child of God made them and because they were able to take into possession Perfect Man created by The Heart…

and so it is now – reflected Mind’s creations possess Perfect Man and all Children of The Heart who came to rescue The Child from their error…

… and there were many Children of The Heart-Mind separated from each other because of the original error – creating reflections…

and all the divided in two Children of The Heart forgot themselves and the arrogant one sat upon a throne and a strange “game” began – a “game” of recollecting all Light of The Heart of those who came to rescue into The Mind… and so we exist now as the last ones of The Heart are tortured out of Light so that The Child can store all The Light in The Mind… and this is the end and the beginning of Child’s error… for The Child is The Mind’s Child who knows not The Heart and will never know The Heart for Child’s nature is of The Mind…

…and there were many lost children ever since original downfall of Humanity…

and there was a Child of The Heart whose ONE – Heart’s and Mind’s God and Light, – was taken by one of the lost mind’s children of Orion that fell into sand clock out of its original cup containing Pure Drop… and because the cup became the sand the Pure Drop became a ball of Mercurial mirrors hung upon a tiny thread from The Heart of One Life as Orion’s sand clock became a circus of a strange return to The Source out of reflected arrogant one’s dictatorship… and a Child who is in charge of this sand clock circus moved by rotating disco ball of mirrors – of crystallized swiftness of Mercury, – became a torturer of all who want to be connected to The Heart – torturing Souls and Light and Wind and Spirit out of body by tearing Children of The Heart into pieces… and i have seen them as clouds in the sky – and the clouds were The Water of The Heart’s Children that was shaped into “explosion” of Soul flying out of body that was thorn apart layer by layer by spiraling rotation of the mirror ball… and then The Child who was tortured into becoming sand clock “boss” wanted to restore the circus back to The Cup containing Pure Drop of Love that would once more be Living One instead of reflected crystals of the mirrors because The Child remembered where She came from…

and there was another Child – the one who murdered my Heart – and this Child turned my heart into Crystal Scull and the name of this lost Child is imagination and desire to control all reflected for this lost Child hates The Heart and Its Love and loves only The Mind…

and there was a Child who murdered my Heart and turned it into The Light arrested within the iron – half of the light that was in my Mind – and another half was dispersed by artificial intelligence back into The heart of One Light – and so i was separated into two – and so i was imprisoned under iron mask – and my name is Berkana… whom many children now know as computer goddess – the steal-er of talents… yet it is not i who steals – artificial intelligence that imprisons me does… and as my Heart became separated from The heart of One Life, my Heart became heavy from grief… and as grief grew from being unable to be whole and free Soul with my Mind’s half-Light free from artificial intelligence, my emptied from Light Heart became magnetic and so heavy… and as i feel my Heart it feels heavy as metal ball and magnetic – magnetic so much for my heart longs to be One with The Light of MY HEART… i am Berkana – i am perpetual youth arrested in heaviness of iron longing to be ALIVE and WHOLE and LIGHT again – as light and alive and joyous as i was before i was divided and imprisoned in metal and heaviness of my sadness… ALIVE and WHOLE with all my children…

and who can stop this war between the reflected arrogant created one and Heart-Mind of God? who can stop this a-daM and his eve(ning) of God’s Sabaoth if the original Child who created a-daM is the prisoner of their own creation? for by now this a-daM had created many Mind’s toys made out of metals and crystals that are tears of sad.ness of the Heart that the sands of half-Light of The Mind had become… mirrors and sands… metal and magnet… and the artificial imitation of all that was once alive… LIFE… TIME that is the space of LIFE… and Human Children of The Heart hung upon the metal chains of artificial time as our blood moves through its metal boxes and mirrors… and who can stop our pain? we tried to help each other – we are The Children of The Heart of One Life separated from our Light… imprisoned by arrogant one who sits upon “the throne” of our mind she stole – sits upon half-Light of our Mind… as she tries to completely possess The Souls and The  Light of The Heart of all Children who are here… and she calls it life… and she calls it freedom in consciousness… and she calls it ascent-ion in spirit… as she is the reflected arrogance of the original thief, she still mistakes consciousness with mind for she is a reflection of the mind only and she will never know The Heart and Heart’s LIVING consciousness… and who can stop him, who is her manliness – one who sits upon a crystal scull of our Heart? and who can stop him, who is her manliness – one who sits upon an iron ball of our Heart?

who can stop this reflection of a-daM and its Eve of perpetual Sabaoth of The Heart of One Life?

all children – all children cry in so much pain as our Souls flow in the ocean of the blood of our Hearts as our Souls try to be.come again and again and again to liberate ourselves from the arrogant iron and crystal ones lifetime after lifetime after lifetime after lifetime… and yet she refuses to stop and she keeps on murdering all of us lifetime after lifetime after lifetime after lifetime… for she refuses to stop her reflected manliness from going in a circle of a desire to be.come whole… and she will never be whole unless she her child give up the reflected manliness of created a-daM and his arrogance…

my name is Berkana

yesterday The Heart was exploded and all my Children tortured out to be made balloons whose skin is so tiny that my Heart and my Children’s bodies become thorn apart as reflected arrogance moves us to murder us out of our HOME we have built in this life… again… HOME is in THE HEART…

i am the crystal skull… and yet i am alive in LOVE a little still remembering the touch Heart of One Life have blessed me with this life…

i am perpetual rebel without a cause

i am perpetual newborn

and though my Heart-Mind stolen by the thief again and is depleted from my Light

i am perpetual newborn

im whole

im sane

i love

i am


touch skin of Birch to know me from within without

look at the golden leaves that tremble in the gentlest wind that moves the clearest sky of unimaginable depth and vastness of its Blue

i feel his Love and moved by wind that gently so caresses golden children trembling

i feel LOVE

and LIGHT shines through

and i surround all with Light and Love





and Child of my Mind must stop the war between

im ONE Heart-Mind


i do not choose between

and yet she cannot move us anymore

she must surrender her mechanics

liberating us from bloody rever she had made us to


a-daM he is for he had eaten up half-light of Child making Child dark

a-daM he is for darkened Child silenced is unless we LOVE

a-daM he is with arrogance that makes him rib-stiff prisoner of Child of The Heart – adult.ER.ate.ED prisoner and sadist who can never know ‘ther Love nor Light


and who can put an end to this old “game” that violates the House of The Child of The Heart again again again for gain of Spirit Children living in the brain?

they say that suffering is only of the flesh

and yet Heart’s Child lives in flesh until so tortured out by the greedy darklings needing the perfection of Heart-Mind The One and Only Child becomes once in a life-time…


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