Universal Clock

Universal Clock is invented to predict “The System” and how it operates its BANKING and money fluctuations… imagine how far The System that enslaves Humanity went to keep us and “The Structure” of Weather God’s reflective conscience (left hemisphere disconnected from his right hemisphere and his HEART) completely under control… there are so many Souls murdered in The Structure of Weather God by – Humans who wanted to liberate and be ALIVE – murdered by The System of artificial weather control (where weather control is not just those nano particles and mini computers controlling the weather that are already released into atmosphere of our Earth several years ago – it is all types of controls – all types of computer and holographic controls that control Atama, Berkana, Lalita Devi, Uma… whatever is the name of The Soul of The Spirit of corresponding God… Weather God is connected to all of Nature… The System is to keep all of Nature in its artificial machine making us live as toys within its aquariums of separate “worlds”

“… If one is very fortunate, once in a lifetime a eureka moment strikes.

Following in the footsteps of W.D. Gann, in search and discovery of the
Universal Clock is such a moment. However, the word ‘moment’ should
be replaced by ‘years.’
I believe that W.D. Gann used the Universal Clock for his personal
trading and for most of his now famous predictions. The Clock
functions as a Master Timing Device. The easy proof of this is the fact
that his predictions pan out accurately on the Universal Clock…”

Jeanne Long, Forcasting Time and Price in footsteps of W. D. Gann, Book 1

universal clock 360 degrees with 384 positions


world-globe pocket clock

see page 38: “…pair up to create repetition…” following by Sumerian Letter with 2 crossed “nails” that is mirroring separated triangles of  “Star of David” aka “Mount Meru” or… our individual physical T-Gland that is connected to our “Higher Self”‘s T-Gland (normally it must be a MOUNT, but checker-board (white-black or ying-yang duality) mutation makes it perverted like sand clock or Orion (originally Orion constellation looked like Holy Grail – a Cup, – but now it is divided in “sand clock” or so-called “Circus” made out of The House of God (the one who supposed to LIVE in a Black Box worshipped in Mecca)

these TWO MOUNTS shaped Thymus GATE is corresponding to Twin Mounts that are Gateway of Middle Earth that UNITED Gaia and Uranus into ONE – together Sky and Earth form an OVAL passage {} of THE MOUTHS of ourself – our Universe…


Argonath (1)

Gates of Arganath from Tolkien’s “Lord of The Rings” is the closest image i could find to remind me of Middle Earth… of Gaia and Uranus united before the catastrophe of Gaia colliding with mechanical universe that scorched Uranus (with nuclear weapons) and destroyed Gaia into pieces (corresponding nowadays to body parts of Uma that are scattered all over “India” (InDEA) to “propagate” – these are worshipped in various cities of India – the country…  ever since Gaia was torn into pieces She is called Parvati – look at our globe – it is all continents…

map of glands




Sumerian numbers 1-59

Wingmakers’ creator John has many illustrations to DNA and our body perversities…




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