Hound of BaskerWill and Chicken Mama GuadaLupe

Oleg Yankovsky

Hound of BaskerWills

The Man Who Cried

Nostalgia – praying to Bird-Birthing Mama Chicken

Guadalupe, or Guadeloupe (Spanish pronunciation: [ɡwaðaˈlupe]) was an early Arabic/Latin compound-word, Guadi is dry riverbed and Lupe is Wolf so that the name is Wolf-river, Guadalupe… (Wikipedia)

and i have seen The Wolf or Ragnarock – six footed one surrounded by the wolves behind me. May Guadalupe help me in Her Wolves River of blood against the emptier of thought=trains and the runner of round-about rail road mind-keeper! May his greyness give in to his Mercurial Nature of quantum flux! Let The Wolf of grey chaos be.come Winged Messenger of The Gods!


i pray that our Milky Way be freed from The Hound – let her be Lady again…


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