Pikachu and our enemies

Gestalt endless circle and The Reapers

The Reapers, known by the geth as the Old Machines, are a highly advanced machine race of synthetic-organic starships. The Reapers reside in dark space, the vast, mostly starless space between galaxies. They hibernate there, dormant for fifty thousand years at a time, before they are given the signal to return. The first Reaper known to have communicated with organic life, referred to by Saren Arterius as Sovereign, claimed that the Reapers have neither beginning nor end. (Malibu Guda mechanical game gestalt is endless by connecting our bodies by the chain (bicycle chain or any other mechanism chain) into a circle operated by all sorts of mechanical machines and nuclear weapons including cosmic rays targeted through holograms – there are only 4 (four) ships and their computers used to program this “game”…
doesn’t this X-Box game explains how to stop “The Reaper” being based on Spiritual stereotype: to stop The Reaper is 3-choice scenario: 1) to destroy the reapers at the cost of all synthetic life in the galaxie (big bang) 2) to use Sheppard’s will (Xristos or others) at the cost of his/her own life (crucifixtion and resurrection of Xristos by ghoul known as Magdalene) 3) or to use some rather handwavy DNA phlogiston to make all life in the
galaxy a mix of synthetic and organic, thus ending the Reapers’ mission to
harvest the most advanced species before organic life as a whole is wiped out by their synthetic creations (Pleiadian and Zeta reticuli cloning experiments)…
in reality it all comes down to three original snakes: Shesha, Manasa and Vasuki Nagas, who are inverted bodies of Vasu Devaya, Mana-Manu, ans Shiva-Shakti – these gods perverted by black magicians that created them and programmed by computers, holograms and mirrors (mirror magnets or square reflective magnets connecting “aquarium” worlds of two separated Heart’s piecec that are ONE child so cut in two – these are connected to 3rd, who is programmed to manipulate the heart’s children worlds known as Matrix and Shadow Matrix)


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