Cleopatra’s Needles and Pendulum of Doom

The Egyptians also divided the day into 12 parts as well. They used huge granite columns called Cleopatra Needles, a trio of obelisks, to keep track of time periods. They had 12 marks on the ground that equalled 12 parts of the day. When the sun touched the top, a shadow was created and the length and position of the shadow told the Egyptians how much daylight remained. They invented a portable piece called a sundial. It contains 3 parts: a circular dial, a needle and a style (gnomon) to keep the needle in place. Cleopatra’s needles were inconvient and impractical for the average person.



Cleopatra’s Needle is the popular name for each of three Ancient Egyptian obelisks re-erected in LondonParis, and New York City during the nineteenth century. The London and New York ones are a pair, while the Paris one comes from a different original site, Luxor, where its twin remains (Hetchepsut – the bearded one – the only Woman-Pharaoh who is the first one to build the obelisks.)

Three bloody obelisks are located within


(Black Box in Mecca)

Cleopatra’s Needles (as a clock connected to a Child Star (5-pointed star) are linked to M-51 – Triple Galaxie with two united by the cross as two wedding rings holding the little one on an arm instead of this CHILD GALAXY being within an oval of two united rings, which will heal Mother Father and Son as being together with THE CHILD in the Center of a Cross (see Maya Sun God plate, where he has a flint knife as his tongue out of his mouths)










Отъ” – ЖизнеСтрой – Единение Мужского и Женского Начал посредством Деть, Знак ОбРазования Семьи. (Bukovnik Vseyasvetnoy Gramoti)

Political Map of the World

connect the dots of ORIGINAL and NEW placements of Cleopatra’s needles with 3 bloody obelisks in Black Box and then KNOW that sundial disc is located with someone who lives near lake Cathrine (all those people of Crayon – the metatron and messenger of those who want to posses us and time-space including M-51, Milky Way, and Andromeda)

near Lake Cathrine (Little Rock, Arkanzas – birthplace of Bill Clinton) – there is a location of 3 Atlantean Crystals – green, blue and clear… together with Cleopatra’s needles and Mecca’s Black Box obeliscs they create Stargate of Time that is very dangerous if still in wrong hands (there were plans of US Military connected to them making a missle M-51… and there are crews of 4 perpetually in the free space on Orion Ships…)

this division – this duality of a PENDULUM combined with a triple meter of linear time keeps us divided into Matrix and Shadow matrix – into Earth and Shadow earth as well as keeping ALL STARS – double stars (check all the stars in all the constellations and let me know if there is any one left being WHOLE)

Librarian and the quest for the spear of destiny has a scene showing what it takes to stop linear time and destroy the whole system of enslavement of duality so that Living Human God with all Human Living Family can be once more – each Human – ONE instead of being divided into many being arrested in many artificially created dimensions…

One of three pieces of The Spear of Destiny is located in Pendulum-Linear Trinity Dance Temple – see the video

Another piece needed to stop enslavement is for original Cleopatra – daughter of Boreas (God of North Wind and Winter), – to return the cape stone she stole from Giza Mother’s Piramid as well as Father’s and all the Children that were buried in the Children’s Pyramid after the accident with Orion (those children are related to Swans and White Dogs – Swan-children are known as guardians of Xristos and White-Dog children are known as related to Sirius-Orion, even though those “dogs” look like they may be other animals – white fluffy furry as “bolonky”) 

the time set by our enemies – The Snake King and his ghoul-wife Snake Empress, as she likes to be called, – using their slave-woman to clean up right now the floors in The Eastern Shrine (all begins from the East – all ends at the East – green flash between ocean and sky of One God…)

so, the time SET for resurrection from the dead is 2017 – many “new age” people have been used by them to be puppets of initiation – i know a woman-doctor Meg Blackburn Loosey, who initiated many ancient sites including Giza, Stonehenge, Machu Pichu, etc. – there was yet another one unknown to me who came to initiate a very dangerous portal in Waipeo Valley (Big Island)… all of these “new age” people who are used because of their pride so carefully fired up by the reptilians are used because they WANT to be someone important instead of being careful to help oneself and all humans to be ourselves (though battle to be ourselves is extremely difficult and LITERALLY takes our blood, body, bones, lives – all… if only many people were curageous enough instead of few who know the truth – Ancients of Days and some of those who BELIEVES us…

system of snake people enslaving humans is based on fear and disbelief…

be careful to play with those whose light reveals this “chest”… 








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