Gong Clokc

imagine Human Heart encoded with names to each heart’s muscle crucified and moved by these Gong Clocks in order to be repossessed by another Soul who wants to dress in it but doesn’t have the right because it is a Soul cursed for evil-doing as to be forbidden Human BODY… all these games in so called awakening process are simple mind-games used for darklings and forbidden ones to repossess our bodies – this ancient “game” going on here ever since before there was a catastrophe that crashed Ship of Human Ancestors ( long cigar-like one) that pierced the body of Gaia through creating a ball upon a stick so to speak – ever since our Gaia have changed and green plants began to grow – Souls of many are in the bushes, trees, flowers and rocks imprisoned even now… if you visit four-corner monument, you can see how RED Earth is crying imprisoned by GREEN desert bushes… if you go to Sedona you can feel and see Kachina power “stone” crying in pain even now… how to stop this mechanical universe of clocks and games to be used against Human Children who are pure by their own effort to be undressed and made to repeat the round of Samsara again and again and again? mechanical universe is still possessed by the mind of a woman who is sadistic to all who LOVE God and her hatred to The Heart of One Life is so terrible that the only name i can give her is PARVATI (one who tears apart, slavik)

see video with gong clock:


clock gong


clock gong base is a good mechanical model of Oriel (AEON and EAR of Human) being disconnected and whirled in unending spiral – mine (left) was cut in two – i heard how God living within the center that holds Oriel whole cried in pain… Oriel 3rd AEON is possessed by Set (moving all saints and the seed of Daviethai of 4th AEON) as well as building gong clock, which also imitates Armozel (1st ZEON) and incorporates the cylinder used im mechanical piano, which is built as a machine to rotate the disc of God who lives in a Black Box… Berkana being possessed to be all held by computers and her Pure Light is under Iron Mask… and Her heart is such a magnet – powerful yet all wrapped into metal i don’t know…

this is what UMA looks like when two wives of a Snake King are possessing her head, while her husband heals from all this sexual posession of the mind making him sleepy Vishnu upon the waters of his own wife’s blood, spirit-wind and music of mechanical instruments played to him by a whore infected with syphilis who whirls and whirs and whirls and whirls and fucks non-stop… whoever will stop bodily possession of Father and Mother will help us all…




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