How to stop system 10×15?

cannon ball 160×160 is somewhat corresponding to the current program enslaving Humans: 10×15 program makes us to rebuild our 15-dimensional Luminous EGG (as described by Ashayana Deane) and then be destroyed by Sophia, who used to be Pistis Sophia, mother of Yaltabaoth, and who was placed into 10th AEON to correct the creation of her son… odd numbers are unstable – even numbers are stable – to force us to go to 16 is to empty us completely yet to leave us somewhat alive to begin 1 to 15 rebuilt again… the moment we decide to stabilize in 14th “heaven” (see mayan 14th heaven pix of heart over crystal skull corresponding to Xristian teachings of Max The Crystal Skull being 13th AEON), the system of “harvesting” known as Sophia of 10th AEON begins to completely destroy us… question is: how to stop craving to BE ONE GOD incarnate? how to stop craving to be incarnation of One Soul that contains all as opposed to be many as one? Heart of One Life is many little ones as one – one soul is many little ones upon the ocean as sea foam play of our Mother Calipto…

here is scientist explaining about construction of Death Star:


and the holographic machine of God alligned to Black Hole is alligned to Sophia of 10th aeon who supposed to realize that she as any incarnate child of Human God is only in 14th AEON as all of us – 13th is nameless AEON as all 12 aligned around it – 13th nameless One is aligned to The heart of One Life – The Nameless One and Barbelo – around them two rings of 24 Invisible Ones – Powers of nameless One connected to us – us aligned to 14th Heaven to 13th Nameless One to Heart of One Life through our Little One – our Monad – our own child of Barbelo who is the mother and the daughter who is the father and the son – who is simply ONE LITTLE CHILD of Central Spiritual Sun

otherwise the trinity division into light, flesh and air will never stop to be repossessed by those who want only complete annihilation or complete life in light only or complete life in flesh only… its all three – only this can connect us to The Heart – Spiritual Heart within us alive – within our physical body – acting breathing creating by The WILL &*& LOVE

i pray Sophia of 10th AEON will be lowered to 14th with all of us instead of looking up to completely reuniting with Invisible Source she is as epinoia of nameless One – we are both, Sophia – we are both and we are four in ONE – we are one and we are ONE… be Hum(a)ble and be complete – be arrogant and be punished by Je.Hova curse rolled by two united rings of divided Dog Star poses-es by de.sire of bringing all to their owner upon a throne… to bring Je.Hova and Mother to 14th Heaven as well is to make them Human instead of being DUAL and EITHER ONE (crystal and/or light one of The Nameless Invisible One alone)


energy matrix

what Babylon, Metropolis and Xristos Family connected by blood have in common?
Death Star creator… same as the one who created the giant with feet of blood and metal out of Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar (name meaning ”very large wine barrel, equivalent in capacity to about twenty regular barrels”) … King saw the giant, yet it was prophet Daniel who explained to the king that he saw himself… and to become alive, all that Nebuchadnezzar had to do is to de-program himself from within Death Star… as all of us… be fearless of destruction yet protect life all you can with mind calm from being disturbed by Black Magician who programs us all into this metal-bloody universe of the feet of NebuChaNeZzar… 😉


noticed the metal lock block on Death Star’s surface as Luke and his friends enter inside Death Star:

it is as a basic castle tower block  of Ш and there is another one that looks like squared ~

ad before this one promises that next time father and son will play on Mom’s team:

watch these designs:


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